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9 Things People Should Absolutely Stop Giving Out On Halloween

It's an a-boo-mination.

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1. Gum

yeswecoupon.com / Via yeswecoupon.com

Don't get me wrong, gum is a wonderful thing; but most kids either have braces or some form of metal awfulness in their mouths that forbid them from chewing gum. And, I'm pretty sure you still can't chew gum in school? Either way, just don't.

3. Water Bottles

onlinelabels.com / Via images.onlinelabels.com

There's nothing I'd like more as a 22 year-old than to wake up the morning after Halloween and find a nice cold water bottle on my nightstand. But children are blessed with never having hangovers, so they don't want your cool refreshing drink. Stick to candy.

4. Dental Floss

onlineoralhealth.com / Via onlineoralhealth.com

Don't laugh, this is given out more often than you think; and it needs to be stopped. If you ever lived within a 3 mile radius of a dentist, then you know you were doomed. Silly dentists, don't you know more kids with cavities equals more kids that need fillings!

5. Candy Canes

Arina Habich / Getty Images / Via hellawella.com

Leave these to the big guy in the red suit. You know any house giving these out is getting rid of last year's supply, and the only thing worse than a candy cane on Halloween is a stale candy cane on Halloween.

6. Neccos

buzzfeed.com / Via ak-hdl.buzzfed.com

I still don't really know what these things are, but I do know that when they were dropped in my bag, I knew they were immediately going in my "garbage" candy pile. Are they mints? Are they plastic? What is a wafer? Too many uncertainties when feeding these to children, so just stop.

7. Fruit Snacks

gianteagle.com / Via gianteagle.com

You sneeeeaky MOMS. "It's not fruit, but it's not really candy either, it's a healthy snack!" Think again: kids see right through your little trick, so just give them a real treat. Plus, those fruit snacks are just chewy balls of sugar and corn syrup.

8. These Things

paskesz.com / Via paskesz.com

Remember these? Granny's always got them in her purse, and I'm convinced there's a secret store for grandma's that sells only bags of these candies. But whatever they are, granny's got them covered. So just stop.

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