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    Why Your Child Should Try Mutton Busting

    Youth soccer is great and all, but you really should consider signing your kid up for mutton busting.

    Mutton busting is awesome and if you have children, you should have them try it.

    You see, mutton busting is something for kids to do at rodeos.

    But instead of riding on raging bulls, they ride on sheep.

    And it's adorable.

    The goal of mutton busting, or mutton bustin' as it's sometimes called, is to stay on the sheep as long as possible.

    And it's not as easy as it sounds.

    But nothing in life that's really worth it is ever easy.

    At first, kids might have trouble staying on for more than a second or two.

    But with practice, they can get better.

    Because they'll get more experience.

    And they'll get stronger.

    And their technique will be more refined.

    They'll be mutton-busting champs in no time.

    It's a great sport for your kids because they'll make friends with other great young Americans.

    And they'll receive great honors.

    And their name will be known throughout all the land.

    Kids who have mastered the art of mutton busting are kids who have mastered the art of life.

    And your kid should at least try it.

    Because mutton busting teaches kids to get back on that sheep after they fall off.

    Which is, of course, the most important lesson of all.