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The 2012 Presidential Campaign In 24 Magazine Covers

It's hard to believe this thing is finally wrapping up. A look back at the campaign's most memorable magazine covers.

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1. Remember that time we didn't know who the Republican nominee would be?

2. We didn't know if it would be Mitt.

3. Or Michele.

4. Or Newt.


5. Or Sarah. (OMG, seriously, remember when we thought she might run?)

6. Everyone kind of knew it was going to be Mitt, but Republicans weren't totally in love with him.

7. Until they looked at their other options and realized that maybe they were.

8. Newt put up a good fight.


9. So did Rick.

10. And Democrats loved watching the Republicans duke it out.

11. But eventually, Mitt became the nominee.

12. And Paul became his running mate.


13. The campaign was expected to be expensive.

14. And not as fun as 2008.

15. There were conventions.



17. And debates.





21. And oh so many ads and tweets and commercials that drove us crazy.

22. But eventually, it came down to the wire.

23. And Americans had to make up their minds.

24. Who's it going to be?

25. We shall see!