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    Posted on Dec 27, 2012

    12 Companies That Should Cut Their Food Packaging Budget

    Not only is it extra garbage, it's extra time unwrapping.

    1. Silly Dole, bananas already have a natural wrapper.

    2. And so does corn.

    3. You should get a minimum of eight jelly beans every time you have to unwrap plastic.

    4. Japanese 7-Eleven wraps up a single slice of ham...

    ...and it's not very big.

    5. Wrapped apples would be nice because think of how many people touch your apples in the grocery store before you eat it. But still, this is overkill.

    6. Such a complicated little box for a single egg.

    7. A single Kit Kat. Give me a break.

    8. A single vanilla bean.

    9. One little pancake.

    10. A spoonful of cole slaw. If that.

    11. This French burger that comes in a box that comes in a bag that comes in another bag...

    ...oh yeah, and it also comes inside a little cup too.

    12. And whatever this is.

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