A Map Of The Most Critically Acclaimed Rock Stars From Each State

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    BuzzFeed has mapped out each state's most critically acclaimed musicians using data from Acclaimed Music, a website that crunches and compiles best-of lists to determine critics' general consensus. The disparity between heavily populated states with a strong musical tradition and the rest of the country meant there were many widely celebrated artists from states like California, Michigan, and New York who had no shot of making the map, while the bar to represent Alaska, Montana, or Wyoming was much lower. Here are the 50 artists:

    1. Alabama: Hank Williams

    2. Alaska: Jewel

    3. Arizona: Alice Cooper

    4. Arkansas: Al Green

    5. California: The Beach Boys

    6. Colorado: John Grant

    7. Connecticut: MGMT

    8. Delaware: George Thorogood & the Destroyers

    9. Florida: Lynyrd Skynyrd

    10. Georgia: R.E.M.

    11. Hawaii: Bette Midler

    12. Idaho: Built to Spill

    13. Illinois: Kanye West

    14. Indiana: Michael Jackson

    15. Iowa: Slipknot

    16. Kansas: Janelle Monáe

    17. Kentucky: Bonnie "Prince" Billy

    18. Louisiana: Frank Ocean

    19. Maine: Patty Griffin

    20. Maryland: Animal Collective

    21. Massachusetts: Pixies

    22. Michigan: Stevie Wonder

    23. Minnesota: Bob Dylan

    24. Mississippi: Elvis Presley

    25. Missouri: Ike & Tina Turner

    26. Montana: The Decemberists

    27. Nebraska: Bright Eyes

    28. Nevada: The Killers

    29. New Hampshire: Tom Rush

    30. New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen

    31. New Mexico: The Shins

    32. New York: The Velvet Underground

    33. North Carolina: The Drifters

    34. North Dakota: Peggy Lee

    35. Ohio: Scott Walker

    36. Oklahoma: The Flaming Lips

    37. Oregon: Elliott Smith

    38. Pennsylvania: Nine Inch Nails

    39. Rhode Island: Throwing Muses

    40. South Carolina: John Phillips

    41. South Dakota: Shawn Colvin

    42. Tennessee: Johnny Cash

    43. Texas: Buddy Holly & The Crickets

    44. Utah: The Osmonds

    45. Vermont: Phish

    46. Virginia: Missy Elliott

    47. Washington: Jimi Hendrix

    48. West Virginia: Bill Withers

    49. Wisconsin: Bon Iver

    50. Wyoming: The Avett Brothers