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    27 Things You Can Do While Wearing A Horse Mask

    A lot of the things you do when you don't wear a horse mask you can do when you do wear one.

    1. Have a sip

    2. Play some football

    3. Get on a boat

    4. Wear a hat

    5. Wear a hoodie

    6. Hold a mug

    7. Laugh with your friends

    8. Do some science

    9. Have a beer

    10. Dance like Michael Jackson

    11. Play with fire

    12. Work out

    13. Have a party

    14. Make some music

    15. Wear a banana costume

    16. Surf the web

    17. Surf the waves

    18. Go for a ride

    19. Make out

    20. Hunt

    21. Tebow

    22. Read a sexy book

    23. Pole dance

    24. Enjoy some golf

    25. Make new friends

    26. Calm a scared kitten

    27. But most importantly, pose!

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