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Why Yahoo!, Why?

The Internet giant has gone way too far.

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Yahoo! (I'm not going to place the exclamation mark from here on out -- companies that stylize their names like this should get a good sit down with someone with better wits.) has becomes one of the most visited, largest sites on the web, and they're doin' it all wrong.

Mainly, the site(s) themselves. There are WAY too many. When is the last time you visited without seeing 75 back links to different branches of Yahoo? It's been a while, let me tell you. Whether it's Yahoo! Maps, Movies, Sports, you name it, they got it. And it sucks. Let me show you.

(Note: This isn't a list about every one of Yahoo's external sites (ex. Flickr, etc.), only Yahoo! Branded sites. If not, the list alone would go on for at least 4 pages.)

"The Eternal List of Yahoo!"


-Yahoo! Search

-Yahoo! Sports

-Yahoo! Auto

-Yahoo! News

-Yahoo! Dating

-Yahoo! Finance

-Yahoo! Games

-Yahoo! Shine

-Yahoo! Mail

-Yahoo! Messenger

-Yahoo! Screen

-Yahoo! Movies

-Yahoo! TV

-Yahoo! Weather

-Yahoo! Travel

-Yahoo! Jobs

-Yahoo! Horoscopes (no kidding)

-Yahoo! Answers

-Yahoo! Groups

-Yahoo! Health

-Yahoo! Shopping

-Yahoo! Voices

-Yahoo! International

-Yahoo! IntoNow

-Yahoo! Real Estate

-Yahoo! omg!

-Yahoo! Maps

-Yahoo! Careers

-Yahoo! Translation

-Yahoo! Widgets

-Yahoo! Entertainment

-Yahoo! Studios

-Yahoo! Domains

-Yahoo! Directory

-Yahoo! Kids

-Yahoo! Everything (literally, they had to make a site to keep up with their sites.)

-Yahoo! Message Boards

-Yahoo! Local

-Yahoo! Music

-Yahoo! Security Center

-My Yahoo!

-Yahoo! Small Business

-Yahoo! Video Games (different than just Games, apparently.)

-Yahoo! Web Hosting

-Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

-Yahoo! Shine Food

-Yahoo! Toolbar

-Yahoo! Lifestyle

-Yahoo! Lifestand

-Yahoo! Alerts

-Yahoo! Calender

-Yahoo! Avatars

-Yahoo! Contributor Network

-Yahoo! Deals

-Yahoo! Events

-Yahoo! Education

-Yahoo! Downloads

-Yahoo! Notepad

-Yahoo! People Search

-Yahoo! Personal Finance

-Yahoo! Directory

-Yahoo! Chat

-Yahoo! Developer Network

-Yahoo! Family Accounts

-Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

-Yahoo! Fantasy Football

-Yahoo! Fantasy MLB

-Yahoo! Green

-Yahoo! Greetings

-Yahoo! Shine: The Thread

I would LOVE to say "I'm kidding".

I hope you see what I mean. This is outrageous. Way too complicated and annoying. Not to mention the sites are not designed with the user in mind. They're all so clunky. I say if you are going to do all this, Yahoo -- do it right, or, preferably, not at all.

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