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Slug on a Hot Cement Driveway

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Slug on a Hot Cement Driveway

I spied a slug sliding

across dusty, dry cement,

and toward his destination

he surely seemed hell bent.

I supposed that his adventurous cruise

in the afternoon sun

quickly proved to be lacking

relaxation and fun.

The sweltering heat was causing him

to slowly evaporate

and it was, in more ways than one,

threatening to make him late.

The challenge he faced was as morbid as

hungry ducks and sprinkled salt.

And I knew that if he failed to survive,

it would be entirely his fault.

Yet he slugged it out, and soon he reached

cool dirt in sheltering shade.

And for a brief refreshing moment,

that poor slug had it made.

But then the fool began to feast

and - oh, cruel twist of fate!

He was drinking beer and heartily eating

metaldehyde slug bait.

It's a shame his mother wasn't there

to sternly caution him

not to eat food off the ground

if he didn't know where it had been.

© 2012 L.E.H.

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