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The joys of home maintenance. :)

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Home Sour Home

I had a home.

Two thousand square feet.

It was a nightmare

to keep clean and neat.

I bought steam heat,

a polishing set,

and rubber gloves.

So much to get!

Worry and fret.

Buy at the store

scrubbers and bleach,

sponges galore.

A sticky floor,

and filthy carpet.

Tile grout mold,

and dripping faucet.

Guest room blanket -

dryer lint fire.

Backed up toilet.

Finances dire.

Crawl space mire.

Expensive heating.

Rooftop leaking.

Contractor cheating.

Time fleeting.

Money gone.

Taxes due.

Face the dawn.

Just a pawn.


Community dues.

Those damn utilities.

But apartments have these,

as well as the rent.

So now you know why

I live in a tent!

© 2012 L.E.H.

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