The Best Tributes In The Hunger Games Trilogy

The 74th and 75th Hunger Games were the only ones we saw on screen, but who were the best tributes that kicked butt in them? Read on!

15. Female Morphling

This tribute didn’t really do anything, but she saved Peeta’s life during the Quarter Quell. That makes her pretty cool in our books!

14. Thresh

Also not much to know about this guy, but he let our Mockingjay go so, again, +1 for him!

13. Wiress

Wiress was a little weird, but, MAN, was she smart! Let’s not forget this lady figured out the Quarter Quell arena was operated like a clock.

12. Gloss

Gloss is kind of like an older, less bloodthirsty version of Cato (but just as attractive). Also, growing up with a name like Gloss? Well done, sir.

11. Foxface

Foxface was a wily one! She might not have been one of the strongest fighters, but she was clever and even brave enough to steal food from under the Careers’ noses. Not bad!

10. Beetee

Shoutout to the guy that found the Quarter Quell’s weakness! With Beetee, it goes to show that intelligence is strength!

9. Mags

This wonderful lady volunteered for The Hunger Games even though she knew she wouldn’t make it out alive, AND Mags sacrificed herself in the Quarter Quell to help the others. Excuse us while we silently weep in a corner.

8. Clove

Ok, this tiny girl was frightening! Along with insane knife skills, Clove was a ruthless and sadistic killer. Creepy…

7. Enobaria

Holy mother of gold teeth, Enobaria’s chompers were frightening! It also helped that she was a great fighter.

6. Rue

Are words even necessary to explain the amazingness of this character? Along with giving Katniss something to fight for during the games, Rue’s death could very well have been the tipping point for the rebellion to start!

5. Cato

Look at this guy. Cato’s face is screaming “I am going to rip you apart with my hands and then I’m going to go have a protein shake.” Would you want to go up against that?!

4. Peeta

Peeta has insane strength and camouflaging skills, but he’s more of a lover than a fighter (not that we’re complaining)! He’s still near the top of our list though because he’s great with a good team.

3. Finnick

Finnick’s gorgeous face is a good cover for a strong fighter and someone who gathers secrets like a squirrel collecting nuts! Seriously, we could see this guy as 007!

2. Johanna

The girl knows how to use an axe and isn’t afraid to speak her mind even though the Capitol could kill her. Johanna could strike fear in the hearts of the strongest people!

1. Katniss Everdeen

Seriously, could you have imagined anyone else topping this list? Katniss is the ultimate tribute of all tributes. She volunteered to take her sister’s place in The Hunger Games knowing she might not come back, rebelled against the Capitol by having Peeta win with her, ruined the Quarter Quell, started a rebellion across Panem, etc. All hail Katniss Everdeen!

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