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The 7 Most Important Everlark Moments In Catching Fire

Catching Fire was a turning point in the trilogy, but it was the most Everlark-filled movie yet (Katniss Everdeen + Peeta Mellark for all you n00bs out there)! Keep scrolling for the best Everlark moments in The Hunger Games sequel and prepare yourself for an explosion of emotions.

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7. Holding hands on the chariot

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Look at these victors: power, finesse, EHRMAGERD THEY'RE HOLDING HANDS <3 Showing the Capitol that they're a unit!

6. Trying to save Katniss from the jabberjays

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This was sad...but look how sweet Peeta is trying to help Katniss!

5. Peeta post-forcefield hit

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Look how relieved Katniss is that he's alive!

4. The pearl

OUR LIVES ARE IN DANGER HERE, PEETA, NO ONE'S GOT TIME FOR--oh, a pearl, for me? Thank you :)

3. Comforting Katniss after nightmares

&quot;Stay with me?&quot; &quot;...Always.&quot;
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"Stay with me?" "...Always."

2. The last kiss

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The last time Katniss sees our baker boy, Peeta, and their last kiss for a while ;(

1. Beach scene

&quot;Nobody needs me&quot; &quot;I need you.&quot; DONE. WE&#x27;RE DONE. THIS WAS THE MOMENT THAT EVERLARK BECAME OUR #1 OTP (one true pairing)!
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"Nobody needs me" "I need you." DONE. WE'RE DONE. THIS WAS THE MOMENT THAT EVERLARK BECAME OUR #1 OTP (one true pairing)!


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We seriously can't handle this right now...or ever.

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