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    26 Tech DIY Projects For The Nerd In All Of Us

    So many ways to store, tote, and gift your favorite technologies - the possibilities are endless!

    1. USB Locket

    2. Remote Control Part Jewelry

    3. iPad/iPhone Stylus

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    4. Kitchen Tablet Holder

    5. Audio Earmuffs

    6. Phone and Tablet Cases

    7. USB Safety Pin

    8. Speaker Carrying Case

    9. Chocolate iPhone!

    10. Crochet Headphone Covers

    11. Wood-Grain Laptop Wrap

    12. Altoid Can Solar USB Charger

    13. Mason Jar Speakers

    14. Wooden iPad Stand

    15. Cross-Stitch iPhone Case

    16. A Sneaky Sawed-Off USB drive

    17. Touchscreen Gloves

    18. QR Code Valentine

    19. Headphone Cord Keepers

    20. Bicycle Horn iPhone Speaker

    21. Floppy Disk USB Drive

    22. Motherboard Christmas Ornament

    23. Gameboy Android Gamepad

    24. Slide-on Macro Lens for iPhone

    25. PVC Pipe Laptop Stand