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    18 People Who Lost At Fourth Of July

    Don't be these people.

    1. This kid who's struggling with American history

    2. People who take pictures of fireworks

    3. This girl who's a little confused about who ended up winning the Revolutionary War

    4. The owners of this poor dog

    5. These fancy ladies...

    6. ... and this highly-bedazzled, overly-festive patriot

    7. This family doing America proud

    8. Lloyd Ghilieri.

    9. These shop owners who clearly aren't from around here

    10. This dirty minded cake decorator

    11. Really?

    12. This flag company

    13. This rocket scientist

    14. The town of Stump Lake

    15. The person that has to take this down on July 5

    16. The, um... "artist" who created this majestic t-shirt

    17. This perky patriot

    18. San Diego.

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    San Diego's 2012 Fourth of July fireworks show was supposed to last 15 minutes. Instead, all the projectiles went off in 30 seconds about five minutes before the show was supposed to start.