• huglong

      My brother is 9 years older than me and owned a bar in New Orleans when I was 15. People would leave their IDs at the bar all the time. When they didn’t pick them up after a month he would throw them away. Well a girl left her ID and she looked very similar to me and he gave it me. A year later I’m still using this ID at 16. I go to voodoo fest in Nola and use my ID to get a daiquiri at one of the booths. The girl working at the booth says “this isn’t you”. And so I played along and said “yes it is” and proceeded with my fake name and birthday. She then grabbed the other girl working in the booth and says “this is her ID” and i thought she was joking and welp turns out it was the other girl in the booths ID. she proceed to yell at me “you bitch! You stole my wallet and credit cards and charged me a ton bills. Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” My boyfriend and I immediately ran away and yelling “sorry” repeatedly and yeah. She didn’t catch me, but she did keep the ID. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t steal her wallet. Her ID was just left at a bar my brother happened to own. I was paranoid the rest of the festival weekend. Oh and the best part is I was dressed as an egg and my boyfriend was bacon for this whole encounter Bc voodoo fest is during Halloween weekend.

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