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    10 Reasons #CoastalMagic Should Be Part Of Your 2016 Plans

    If you're a book lover, and want to hang out with authors and other readers, Coastal Magic is the convention for you! Here... let me tell you why...

    1. Meet Your Online Book Buddies IRL


    Conventions are fantastic places for readers to meet up "IRL" with their online book buddies. Lots of friendships have been started and/or continued during Coastal Magic weekends.

    2. Florida In February


    Daytona Beach, Florida. That is all.

    3. Perfect "Valentine" For Romance Readers


    Whether you like your romance with or without the paranormal, Coastal Magic has stories for you! With a strong UF/PNR history, and the addition of some contemporary and erotic romance favorites, we've got something for everyone!

    4. Fun Times With Cool People


    Panels and other con activities are designed to be fun and encourage lively discussion. Coastal Magic also encourages author and reader shenanigans!

    5. WHAT? WHY? HOW? *flail*


    Every reader knows the pain of unanswered questions at the end of a book. What happens next? Why did the characters DO that? Who was that masked man? (wait.. that's not right, lol!) Coastal Magic gives you a chance to ask those questions to the ONLY people with the answers!

    6. Books, Books, and MORE Books!


    The reason we're all here (and that you've read this far) is our love of reading. Between the books graciously donated from authors and publishers... and the books available to buy from our bookseller... you'll hit the booklover jackpot! And the Coastal Magic Charity Booksale/Signing gives you a chance to have them all signed!

    7. Learn Something New


    If you're an aspiring writer, or book reviewer, some of the panels at Coastal Magic will offer a wealth of new info. From inspiration, to motivation, to the actual craft of writing, authors share their thoughts and ideas.

    8. Mutual Admiration


    Authors often comment that meeting their fans is their favorite part of any convention. "Authors Are Our Rockstars" isn't just a catchy phrase... meeting their favorite authors is the goal of many readers. Coastal Magic offers a common ground... much fangirling/fanboying will commence!

    9. Cinema Craptastique


    A Coastal Magic original -- an evening spent with about a hundred of your closest friends and all of twitter, live snarking a wonderfully bad movie. Our fun times have trended nationally for the last two years.

    10. Day of the Dead Mixer


    For the first TIME, Coastal Magic will have a theme for our evening "mixer". Come dressed in festive "Day of the Dead" garb, or simple comfy clothes... everyone is welcome. Should make for a fun evening!

    So there you have it...

    10 good reasons to attend Coastal Magic. And most of these reasons apply to other conventions, too. So after you make plans to join us in Daytona... check out what OTHER manor of shenanigan you can get into. You won't regret it!

    Happy reading!

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