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10 Reasons Cats Are The Best Procrastinators

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1. They know how to get from A to B.

2. Which is to say, they make someone else do it.

3. And they know how to look good while doing it.

4. They know any time is a good time for some shut-eye.

5. And they know no such thing as "too much R&R" exists.

6. They know anywhere can be the proper place to sit.

7. Because you don't have to move to have fun.

8. They know that even if everything isn't done...

9.'s chill because the glass is always half-full...

10. ...and, more importantly, the box is completely full.

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11. They know how to kill time with their pals.

12. They don't need much to keep them happy.

13. They nap like it's their job.

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