10 Baby Animals Who Will Force You To Stop What You’re Doing

This will definitely help you procrastinate. When you’re done, do those taxes. File online with H&R Block — it’s fast and easy.

1. Ahem! This little kitty is trying to get your attention:

2. Put your work down and look at this little guy busy being tiny:

3. This little turtle doesn’t expect you to check your work emails:

4. You definitely can’t worry about what you’re eating for dinner while a ball of fluff is staring at you:

5. Because how can anything be more important than these windshield wipers…

7. …or this stuffed dog:

8. So relax! Just look at this perfect little face:

9. Watch these cuties roll around for however long you want:

10. Because this seal won’t judge ya:

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11. Go ahead, try to stop watching this kitten dangle from its mom’s mouth:

12. Really, go get stuff done. If you can stop looking at this puppy who’s pressing his butt into another puppy’s head, of course:

13. Seriously. Try to stop staring into his little brown eyes:

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