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14 Things I Learned From Drinking That I Should Have Learned In High School

Obviously you must be of legal age to learn these lessons.

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4. Judging People is Stupid

If you don't want to end up drinking the stuff "uncle Bobby" has in his cabinet, then bring your own - but don't judge. Everyone will end up sloshed when the party's over.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Good Russian vodka makes hangovers easier to get over. Hooking-up with random girls that you don't want anyone to find out about is never fun- especially when the pics hit tumblr the next day.

6. Be Yourself

Don't just drink what everyone else is drinking. Nobody really cares what you are drinking, so you might as well drink what you like. Plus if Jimmy was drinking Zima would you drink it too?

No. you. would. not.

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