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  • Suicide Knobs - The Brody You Should Know

    Customize your interior with American Shifter’s brody kits. American Shifter offers a precision fit for improved feedback and smooth solid steering. Knob can be custom etched to include your shift pattern, logo, or design of your choice. Buy Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs because these are just plain cool! I remember as a kid seeing these on buses and other vehicles. Now you too can be nostalgic and install a brody knob on your custom automobile project. They come in the basic generic style for those more traditional. They are also available in many custom designs. Some of the more noteworthy are Timmy the Top Hat Skull, Quick Draw Pistol Grip and our personal fave, the Osama bin Hidin’ brody knob. Osama isn’t hiding anymore…..he’s on your steering wheel! LOL! Seriously though these brody knobs are not to be messed with. Sturdy and built to last even for those who are hard on there things. If you play hard you need toys that are built like you. Be the first on your block and get your customization on. These knobs will be sure to make you the talk at the next neighborhood BBQ. They also make great stocking stuffers as Christmas is right around the corner.

  • Jay-Z And The Great Gatsby

    Jay-Z compares the ascent of his empire to Jay Gatsby’s storied hustle, but with a dash of hip-hop modernism. In just a few short bars there are references to literary greats, rap icons, Houston hip-hop culture and Jay’s chain of 40/40 sports bars. “I write like Mark Twain, Jay Gatsby I park thangs/ Yellow cars, yellow gold, like Slick Rick, still tip/ On four-fours, fo-fos at the four-O, four-O” he rhymes effortlessly. Fitting modern music in a string period piece such as “The Great Gatsby” couldn’t have been easy, but Jay sums it up with one single thought. “Music is music no matter what,” he said. “Timeless music is timeless music. It doesn’t matter what genre.” Having timeless cars means getting timeless parts from Hot Rod Parts

  • Where Does Nicholas Cage Buy Hot Rod Parts?

    Nicholas Cage starred in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds,” and he probably wishes that he could indeed live that life where he would just get any car he fancies anytime he wants. Not that cars are his only weaknesses because Cage has been known to amass properties, jewelries, yachts and even a jet and exotic pets. Several years ago, Cage bought 22 cars in just one year. He regularly checks out a list of super cars for sale, be it a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, etc. He has been seen in a Ferrari Enzo, a Jaguar D-Type and a Ferrari California 250 Spyder. He also has a Lamborghini Miura formerly owned by the Shah of Iran. When he got intro trouble with the IRS, he probably would sell his English castle or a couple of islands first before he parts with his car collection. Not sure where he buys parts but its safe to say that if he had to choose it would be from Johnny Law Motors! There selection is unsurpassed and the deals are abundant. Shop for your next Street Rod Part from Johnny Law!

  • 18 Function Keyless With Birt

    TAKE CONTROL! AutoLöc’s exclusive 18 function KL1800 allows you to have total control over your vehicle from the palm of your hand. From one four button remote you can roll you windows up and down, unlock and lock your doors, trunk, or hood, open/close your sunroof, remote start, turn on your headlights, neon, or dome light, alarm, operate your stereo, or anything else you can think of. With 18 channels of accessory outputs, you’ll only need one remote to control everything on your vehicle. Featured on several TV shows including Monster Garage, and Pimp My Ride AutoLoc kits deliver where all others fails. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc and you be glad you did.

  • Heated Seat System No Harness or Switch

    Electric seat warmers. For those of us who choose to live in an environment where the thermometer spends half its time in the negatives, having the luxury of seat warmers, is truly a technological blessing. If you have always wanted to add factory like heated seats to your car, truck or boat, then this Heated Seat kit is the ideal kit and the ideal solution whether you own a car, SUV, Truck, Boat or Plane. Our heating element is the best seat heating pad material in the marketplace it’s designed to incorporate a variety of shapes which are interconnected and form a grid which can be sewn over. Giving many years of reliable service.

  • Hot Rod Parts For Sale!

    Custom Hot Rod parts available from Johnny Law Motors. Join the Johnny Law Motors car club for savings of up to 30% off. Free Shipping and Group Rewards also included with the car club. Shop online for great Hot Rod parts such as 4 link suspension, wiring harness kits, hot rod interior kits, keyless entry remote systems and custom car gauges.

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