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What Is, Undoubtedly, The Best Joke From "The Good Place"?

"Goodbob. I hope we same place again very now."

It goes without saying — but I'll say it anyway — that The Good Place is a wonderful show. But what's its best ever joke?

Maybe Tahani's Anderson Cooper name drop is your favorite line from all four seasons.

Tahani says, "You know, one of my shiest friends, I won't say his name to preserve his privacy, but, he found my presence so comforting that he asked me to co-host his TV show, 'Anderson Cooper 360°'"

Or maybe the way Janet is designed to save herself made you laugh like nothing else ever has.

Janet says, "Eleanor, I have kids," then she holds up a picture of them and says, "I have 3 beautiful children, Tyler, Emma, and little tiny baby Phillip, look at Tyler, Tyler has asthma but he is battling it like a champ"

Or maybe how Eleanor figured out they were in The Bad Place in attempt #11 stole the show for you.

Sebastian says, "My dewdrop, I've written you a spoken-word jazz opera, Eleanor, who's it for, you my dewdrop, cream of the crop, top to the bop to the bop to the top," Eleanor says, "No version of heaven includes 3 hours of this, we're in The Bad Place"

Let me know your favorite The Good Place joke and why in the comments below! Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.