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    317 Thoughts I Had Watching "Stranger Things 4"

    Did mean people in the '80s really use the word "freak" this much?

    Since Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1 just came out and I am a big fan of the show, I thought I would watch the new episodes and document my thoughts along the way!

    So here are 317 thoughts I had watching Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1.

    After the little recap (reminding me how excited I am for this show, despite the fact that I am only 50% paying attention to it because I am typing these words right now) we have:

    "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club."

    1. That's a Stranger Things-specific, erie Netflix logo, right? Love it. We're coming in hot.

    2. Already, like less than a minute in, watching this newsboy, and it's great. Already a different, sillier, simpler tone than the show has ever tried to rest in.

    3. Ooh okay, it's a late '70s Matthew Modine flashback. The idea of having any moment not take place in the 1980s feels bonkers.

    4. It is 100% Matthew Modine himself doing these drawings because they are not good.

    5. Oh lol, they're calling that out! Haha.

    6. I like that we're starting on a fairly human scale of scary. Even though it's supernatural and it's, like, kids who can see into other rooms, this feels smaller in scale than Stranger Things often is. Big is fun, too, but small is such a lovely place to start.

    7. That heavily wounded child was a shocker, though. Sorry to anyone who can see my screen right now.

    8. Heavily wounded children! Jesus Christ.

    9. Wait wait wait — Eleven killed them all?

    10. Also, did they pull a Robert Downey Jr./Samuel L. Jackson/Robert DeNiro and de-age Millie Bobby Brown? That is WILD. De-aging an 18-year-old.

    11. The theme song has arrived, and it is the perfect time for me to praise Stranger Things's phenomenal score. The music may be my favorite part of this show.

    12. Wow, Millie Bobby Brown is so much older.

    13. I just had the same feeling about Noah Schnapp, so let's assume I'll have the same response to all the people who were once children.

    14. Noah Schnapp looks so much like someone else now, like someone else famous. I'm sure in a few episode it'll hit me. Stay tuned.

    15. I'm not into pot jokes being here. That's not a concept I want on Stranger Things. In fact, the whole '80s California vibe isn't my ideal Stranger Things.

    16. Setting up Eleven's world through her letter to Mike, and the actual reality she lives in, is lovely.

    17. Why are Mike's parents even cool with him going out at all? These children need to go to boarding school far, far away from this now.

    18. I'm sorry, Dustin's girlfriend is changing his grades through hacking but it's '80s computer hacking? They're geniuses.

    19. Steve is so much older than high school aged. He's supposed to be a senior? Joe Keery is literally 30.

    20. I love Steve and Robin's friendship.

    21. Robin's bib shirt situation is repulsive.

    22. How big is Hawkins? Is it, like, 50,000 people?

    23. Yeah, no, Finn Wolfhard is what a senior in high school looks like – and that's actually not true because even he is 19.

    24. Mr. Basketball coach/pep rally leader is a real douche, I can already tell.

    25. He's saying "I love you" to his girlfriend in the middle of a speech to the entire school during a pep rally? That is not a thing.

    26. "It's been a tough year for Hawkins" lol. You have no idea, Sketch of Paul Newman.

    27. Turing town tragedies into a reason why it's the right thing to do for you to win a basketball game is some A+ dick moves.

    28. Finn Wolfhard looks like Adam Driver's nephew who's really into Machine Gun Kelly.

    29. Wait, who is Eddie? They're talking about moving their hellfire game to make it to Lucas's basketball game but they need to talk to Eddie and I do not know who that is.

    30. Oh my god. Getting a box with a billion hammer and sickle stamps, and opening it to find a doll inside, is devastatingly creepy.

    31. Ugh, kids are the worst. Eleven is talking about her dead dad and they're fucking bullying her.

    32. This girl just tried to play footsie with Will IN CLASS! Bold. Also don't lead with footsie. You have to know someone wants that.

    33. Sorry Kate Bush, Sadie Sink is actually listening to "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From the Vault)" in those headphones.

    34. This episode is starting slow. I know they're doing all the catch up stuff, but it's been, like, half an hour of intimate scenes and no monsters.

    35. How can Lucas say to Max, "I know something's wrong?" Obviously something is wrong. Her brother was brutally murdered in front of her by a giant creature with a bunch of arms.

    36. Oh poor, Chrissy. Something's going on here.

    37. If this is the show representing what it's like to have an eating disorder, I vibe with that. #gottalovehavingabadrelationshipwithfood

    38. Oh, we're in the Satanic Panic of the '80s! I adore Stranger Things embracing that.

    39. Except...these people in the Hellfire club are in their mid-30s. It will distract me every time I see them.

    40. "I am army-crawling my way towards a D" is some brilliant writing.

    41. Oh good this Hellfire lead guy has been a senior twice before, because they could see that no one would believe this middle-aged man is 18.

    42. He looks exactly like Daisy Edgar-Jones.

    43. I despise this scene between Joyce and Murray about the doll. I don't like this sexual energy.

    44. Why does this kid on the school newspaper care so much about Jonathan coming for Spring Break?

    45. I am not into this scene of quick cuts between Nancy and Jonathan either. It's just not for me.

    46. Stranger Things is going for a different tone. I don't know how I feel about it. It's more cocky than I generally like.

    47. Chrissy's walking alone in the woods and I'm not holding out hope for her.

    48. Oh, a clock on a tree is so scary.

    49. Oh no spiders coming out of it! I hate that.

    50. Chrissy, honey, go to a doctor.

    51. No, curly hair Hellfire pot dealer is gonna be a bad person.

    52. Also, I thought he was older than his class? They didn't go to middle school together unless he was in eighth grade when she was in sixth, and if that's the case he should not remember meeting her because what eighth-grader remembers meeting a sixth-grader?

    53. Also, I don't really care about these characters.

    54. Eleven is gonna kill this main bully with her mind powers.

    55. Oh wow, her powers didn't work! That's fun.

    56. Will is my favorite character on this show and I think always has been. I love him so much.

    57. There's a note inside the doll that says Hopper is alive! Who's surprised?

    58. Did people in the '80s really play basketball in pants?

    59. Oh wait, Steve has graduated? So he's supposed to be 19? No, again, he is 30.

    60. There isn't enough supernatural in this episode for me. I know it's just gonna get more and more every episode, because that is how TV works, but still, it's starting too sparse for me.

    61. How dare Mike and Dustin not go to Lucas's basketball game?

    62. Every single character on this show needs to be in therapy.

    63. Erica! Yes, Eddie is right, 11 is too young for this environment.

    64. It's weird for an adult to make fun of a child for being short.

    65. Oh no, good news, they're playing basketball in shorts.

    66. The intercutting between Dungeons and Dragons and the basketball tournament is my kind of intercutting.

    67. This 11-year-old girl is alone in a very dark room with high school boys – one of whom is 20. I know she knows two of the boys, but's not great.

    68. Is Coke doing product placement? 100%, right?

    69. This episode is much more of a purely intimate character study than I want from Stranger Things.

    70. Yay Lucas! And yay Erica and co.!

    71. Also, this episode is too long.

    72. It's bonkers that some high school sports are big enough deals for radio stations to talk about specific players.

    73. Oh no, Eddie lives across from Max, and he and Chrissy just went into his house. I do not like this.

    74. Oh lord, Chrissy is getting ketamine. Don't do drugs that can hurt you, kids. At least know the risks of the drugs you're taking.

    75. Never trust someone who says, "Sorry I'm late, sweetheart" to their guitar, and gives it a kiss of sorts. That is horrible.

    76. Eddie's like Eleven but he's gone bad, right?

    77. I'm so sorry, Chrissy. It seems your time has come.

    78. Wait Eddie's unrelated to this. This is all happening inside Chrissy's mind?

    79. This scene is great. I love this.

    80. Oh god, except for the spiders. Nope. Hard pass on spiders.

    81. "I don't like this, Chrissy! Wake up!" was perfectly delievered.

    82. Who is the skinless humanoid walking towards Chrissy?

    83. "It's time for your suffering to end" is a truly awful thing to hear from a skinless humanoid standing in front of you in our childhood home.

    84. Chrissy is levitating! She's one of the babies from Riverdale.

    85. Oh, I love her being on the ceiling but I hate the body contortions and the face thing.

    That's it for "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club!"

    Though I didn't love it, I really liked parts. I'm very on board for a satanic panic-centered Stranger Things season, and, of course, I am thrilled to watch the ridiculously good acting.

    Now for "Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse."

    86. I really hope this episode isn't all Hopper. I already know I wouldn't like that.

    87. Max sure seems to be taking a whole lot of pills.

    88. Ugh that shot of the plane was truly terrible.

    89. Ooh very weird hug between Mike and Will.

    90. Why isn't Mike also super excited to see Will?

    91. Brett Gelman nails it as Murray.

    92. Steve and Robin are the Broad City of 1986.

    93. Oh no, oh no now Lucas is throwing up, too. Just like Chrissy. I don't want Lucas to meet the skinless monster!

    94. Chrissy's basketball/pep rally boyfriend realizing she is the student who died because police cars show up at his house is beautifully done.

    95. Nancy's sweatervest-with-belt-and-maxi-colorful-skirt is so bad it's worse than the movie The Irishman.

    96. If you're a Stranger Things character and a student dies, do you immediately think it's a supernatural, upside down thing?

    97. Say what you will about this show, but you cannot deny it is beautifully made.

    98. Will Max have headphones on her ears or around her neck in the majority of her scenes the entire season?

    99. Who sends a ransom note inside a doll? All my ransom notes are strictly paperless these days.

    100. I feel like Joyce has proved herself to not be "crazy" too many times for Murray to be treating her like she's "crazy" for thinking Hopper is alive.

    101. Okay, Murray, if the KGB is trying to trick Joyce into thinking Hopper is the one who sent her the message, why would they think Hopper would send it in a doll? Do you know what I mean?

    102. I like that despite Hopper being in the middle of some giant supernatural blast, his mustache is still fully in tact.

    103. Russian torture on Stranger Things is nearly jumping the shark. It's not fun or in tone, and it's not the level of human villainy that's compelling when you're dealing with monsters as your big evil. Billy is the level of human villainy that works on this show.

    104. Love a roller rink scene. Can't believe they haven't done one yet.

    105. Eleven, babe, stop lying to your boyfriend about your life.

    106. But I do respect her doubling down to Will and sticking with the lie, despite Will living with her and going to school with her everyday.

    107. It's really rude how much Eleven and Mike aren't including Will.

    108. Also hasn't "Will is being left out" already been a storyline?

    109. Chrissy's boyfriend – and everyone – NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER! You don't have to answer any of their questions! Literally say nothing!

    110. I don't mean to be gross, but look, Joe Keery is so super duper cute.

    111. Maybe this is a hot take, but Nancy and Jonathan's storylines always bore me. I do not care about either character.

    112. Mr. Glasses on the school paper is named Fred Benson? As in...Freddie Benson? Of iCarly fame?

    113. Also, wait he killed someone in a car accident? Lord!

    114. Oh no, Fred is seeing things just like Chrissy did.

    115. Um, Jonathan, honey, I don't think Nancy would throw her dreams out the window to go to college with you. You aren't doing that.

    116. There's too much going on all over the place. Too many storylines.

    117. I love Eleven, Mike, Will, and Eleven's bullies at the roller rink.

    118. But elaborate bullying on a roller rink seems unrealistically thought about for bullies. Am I wrong?

    119. Oh and a slushie-esque moment! With Eleven falling down! Awful but great writing.

    120. So far I am interested in the Chrissy plot and the Eleven/Mike/Will plot, and that is it. I guess I care about Hopper, but only a little bit.

    121. Why did they change the location of Joyce's call when the person who sent the doll knows her address?

    122. So far, I am disappointed with this season.

    123. The horror movie look of Chrissy's body is so not for me.

    124. This "Psycho Killer" scene of the basketball boys getting riled up to hurt Eddie is great.

    125. I also care about Steve and Robin, but they're a subplot.

    126. Robin is BRILLIANT! Checking the Rick's at the video store is BRILLIANT!

    127. Who the hell is Victor Creel? I thought Eddie's uncle was gonna say the devil killed Chrissy, or satan.

    128. Victor Creel is not a character I saw coming.

    129. Yes, of course, this is Stranger Things doing '80s horror movies. I feel silly that I didn't realize it until they compared the murderer to Michael Myers.

    130. Poor Fred, he's seeing the clock.

    131. I really like the trance scenes. They're a perfect mix of scary and simply telling us about the characters.

    132. The KGB stuff is extremely uninteresting to me.

    133. Noah Schnapp is such a good actor.

    134. Eleven is so brave for going up to Angela and saying she wants an apology.

    135. Also, Angela is evil. She is just evil. She has no good in her.

    136. Oh my god. Oh my god. Eleven is about to throw a skate at Angela. Oh no. Nope. You cannot do that.

    137. She broke Angela's nose really badly. Oh my lord.

    138. Eleven's got some anger issues that need to be resolved ASAP.

    139. It's weird that Eleven and Mike — our main children characters — are removed from the supernatural stuff, so much so Eleven doesn't even have her powers.

    140. Idiots. Do not put your fingerprints on Rick's stuff.

    141. ...Could they trace fingerprints in the '80s? As an avid listener of My Favorite Murder, I feel like an idiot for not knowing.

    142. Nancy, why have you waited until dark to tell the cop Fred is missing? Get your head in the game.

    143. I hate the snapping bones so much. I'm watching this in a public place and it feels rude.

    144. The trances, without question, are my favorite part of this season so far.

    145. Also, I don't know that "trance" is the right word, but it's what I'm going with.

    146. Skinless monster is back! I'm gonna call it Lucy.

    147. Lucy is more human-like than I want my Stranger Things monsters to be.

    148. Goodbye, Fred. You're levitating. You got Lucy, moonlight, you're is starlight, it needs you, all night, come on, dance with Lucy, you're levitating.

    149. The bone shit is the fucking worst.

    150. Lucy is Venca, I guess.

    151. I really wish Venca didn't look like every villain in a sci-fi or superhero movie of the early 2010s. Makes what could be a really fun satan thing seem run-of-the-mill.

    That's it "Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse!"

    I think I liked it more than Episode 1, but I'm not freaking out with excitement.

    Now for "Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero."

    152. Awesome opening. And Paul Reiser is back!

    153. What if Stranger Things were a prequel to Mad About You?

    154. This stoner comedy between Jonathan and his friend is not for me.

    155. "A regular little housewife" is not a joke to make about anyone, including yourself, Murray.

    156. Also, just realized Jonathan's friend was driving while high. Not the move!

    157. I take it back, I actually do like this scene with the high older teens. Everybody at dinner is fun.

    158. Yah, no, the upside down snake-looking things are also too normal for me.

    159. What's interesting is all of the Stranger Things characters could have a full movie series dedicated to their stories.

    160. Folks, I cannot get over how Eddie is 36.

    161. Gosh, poor Fred.

    162. Will's in love with Mike, right? Just to be clear.

    163. Mike's very sweet to say to Eleven that it doesn't matter that she punched a girl in the face with a roller skate.

    164. Do they really put white children in handcuffs? In the '80s in California?

    165. What is this zoom out to Joyce and Murray's plane? Do not enjoy that.

    166. Is "When I talk to her, I can tell by her voice that she's very pretty" a thing?

    167. Is someone famous playing Vecna?

    168. I can't tell if I like or hate the way Vecna's view of the terrible parts of everybody's lives is rendered?

    169. Did mean people in the '80s really use the word "freak" this much?

    170. Eleven, do not talk to the police without a lawyer!!!!!

    171. Wait, what? They cannot put Eleven in jail that quickly. That's wild.

    172. The KGB stuff is truly uninteresting.

    173. Jesus Christ, Hooper's getting his ankle beaten by his fellow prisoner, this is the worst. I get why he's doing it but my lord.

    174. Where is this Victor Creel thing gonna end up? If it's filler I will be angry but also not care all that much.

    175. If Nancy doesn't like Robin because Robin is close with Steve, I will be fucking furious.

    176. Who would tell their school guidance counselor or school therapist(?) or whatever anything?

    177. Love that the guidance counselor's office keys say "Office" on them, because it's that easy.

    178. People need to stop high fiving after disses or bold statements. It's always so embarrassing to see with my eyes.

    179. Oh, Eleven's about to be kidnapped by adults who know who she is! That's fun.

    180. I don't remember if Paul Reiser is a good guy or a bad guy but I think good, right?

    181. Please don't show me Hopper's ankle.

    182. Oh my god.

    183. How is this article about how Victor Creel's family was killed by a demon out if the records were sealed?

    184. Apparently, each time the evil in Hawkins returns "it comes back stronger, smarter, deadlier," so make sure to keep watching Stranger Things.

    185. Yes, Lucas!!! Help out your true friends!!!

    186. Oh no, Max! Max has the symptoms! That's great. That's absolutely great.

    187. Convenient timing though, that Vecna is here for her right now when she finds out she has symptoms and Steve and Dustin are there.

    188. Aww Max, sweet Max is hearing the clock. And she's seeing it now, too.

    That's it for "Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero."

    Definitely my favorite so far!

    Now for "Chapter Four: Dear Billy."

    189. "Looks like I'm gonna die tomorrow" is a very badass quote from our main gal Max.

    190. Ugh, if we have another women makeover scene, I will close my laptop and go to sleep.

    191. Will is treated terribly by everyone on this show and it's time for his spin-off.

    192. I want pizza so much right now. Thanks, Stranger Things.

    193. I don't want Max to die, and also, where can I find her outfit?

    194. Robin needs to attend RADA. This improvised monologue to the director of the psychiatric hospital is better than episode one.

    195. This pilot is lying. He is Yuri.

    196. Yep. He is Yuri.

    197. Yuri is an enjoyable addition to the mix.

    198. Hopper's escape here seems unrealistic.

    199. I don't need a fight between Hopper and a member of the KGB. I'm good.

    200. Did Hopper kill that guard(s)?

    201. But that "Son of a bitch" from the friend guard was wonderfully cheesy.

    202. Max's mother is fake and is actually Venca! Naturally.

    203. Is this moment with Victor Creel gonna be a Silence of the Lambs thing? Because that's the '90s.

    204. Love the casual sexism from the guard.

    205. Oh no! He has no eyes! Didn't see that coming. LOL.

    206. God, Noah Schnapp is a good actor. I think he's so great. I want him to be the next Timothée Chalamet.

    207. Oh, Jesus Christ, I did not see military coming! That took a turn!!!

    208. Poor Joyce is gonna come home to this house, hahahaha.

    209. Something I love about Stranger Things is that every season takes place over, like, a week.

    210. While this scene of Hopper with the peanut butter is very sweet, I don't care about this.

    211. Oh fuck you, Yuri.

    212. Yep. Never drink drinks or eat food offered to you by someone you don't know. Especially a man.

    213. I like Lucas and Max as a couple. I wish them well. Assuming she lives through the satan monster.

    214. Speaking of My Favorite Murder, Karen Kilgariff would retell a stellar survivor story about Victor Creel.

    215. I don't really need his whole backstory.

    216. Oh god, the spiders in the drain are my nightmare.

    217. Jesus Christ, a vision of a baby on fire?! I just want to watch a fun show!

    218. Not to victim-blame, but why didn't the Creels leave their haunted house?

    219. I hardcore do not want to watch these death scenes. Especially children. Please don't show me children dying like this, please.

    220. Okay good, they didn't. It's just dead children on the ground. Normal chill stuff.

    221. Also, I put my hands over my screen for Victor's suicide attempt because nope. Not watching.

    222. This seems like a filler episode.

    223. Max's letter to Billy is nice, though. I like this.

    224. Dacre Montgomery is so good as Billy.

    225. I love the idea of music being the way to get you out of the evil trance. That's sweet and inventive and brilliant and on theme and an A+.

    226. Max's trance scene with the red pinnacles is very Loki-esque.

    227. Kate Bush saves the day.

    228. Just like in Big Mouth, we have a wonderful representation of depression. TV exists for that kind of shit.

    229. Yeah, I love this Max scene.

    That's it for "Chapter Four: Dear Billy!"

    The ending was awesome, but I didn't love the rest of it with all my heart. I'm getting into this season, though!

    Now for "Chapter Five: The Nina Project."

    230. Who the fuck is Nina?

    231. Oh, Nina's the freaking machine thing.

    232. Oh my god, Matthew Modine!!! That sucks for her. That's great, though.

    233. That needle in her neck was terrifyingly giant.

    234. Love that shoutout to our poor justice system.

    235. Also, hey, Eddie. How's life as a middle-aged man?

    236. "Try sticking together at a different house for a change." Mike and Nancy's dad needs to be on the show more.

    237. Nancy, don't fold Max's drawings without asking. That is rude.

    238. Oh my god, she's drawing on them!

    239. Aww, they shaved Eleven's head. And she's back in the hospital gown. This child never has a chance.

    240. Oh, it's like a dream thing. Okay.

    241. Lessons in this weird creepy place would start far earlier than 10:00.

    242. The Eleven part of the show right is adults torturing a child.

    243. And then we have a group of teens burying a body.

    244. Oh, Will's gonna tell Mike he loves him. Will, it's gonna break your heart.

    245. What!! Don't let him write your names on the pizza box.

    246. What is this Vietnam monologue from Hopper? What am I watching? What does Stranger Things think I'm watching?

    247. Let me point out right now how much I love Stranger Things as a title. It's so brilliant.

    248. Why not lead with a knock instead of breaking the glass right out the gate?

    249. Oh, I love that in the mirror Eleven is younger. That is really great. I live for that kind of thing.

    250. WarGames!!! This'll be fun.

    251. I've moved past caring about Eddie.

    252. This spider thing is not for me whatsoever.

    253. 🎶 The lights are a path, don't follow it, children 🎶

    254. Why are most of these numbered children white?

    255. This plane fight is fun.

    256. But they would not live through that crash. They would be dead people.

    257. The basketball players are such fast swimmers. That's amazing.

    258. Oh, I'm sorry, Patrick. I'm sorry. That sucks so much it's ridiculous.

    259. Did we ever get to the bottom of what Eleven's powers actually are? Regardless, she has them again! At least somewhat.

    That's it for "Chapter Five: The Nina Project!"

    A fun episode I didn't love wholeheartedly.

    Now for "Chapter Six: The Dive!"

    260. Oh my god, imagine fully re-experiencing your past. No, thank you!

    261. This children's birthday party at Suzie's house (other than what seems to be a white kid dressed up as a Native American) is fantastic.

    262. No, KGB prisoners, this is poisoned food, don't eat it! Either that or it's a last meal situation.

    263. Yeah it's a last meal situation. Which is bad, but the scene isn't. That was great.

    264. Too much screentime is being dedicated to Jason.

    265. That is a big leap about the compass, that the compass isn't working properly and therefore there is a small gate nearby.

    266. Even though this scene is children standing in circles and essentially being forced to hurt each other with their superpowers, I really like it.

    267. Yuri is so sexist.

    268. I've gotten very on board with Hopper and the guard's friendship.

    269. Eleven's life in this place was fucking harrowing, Jesus Christ.

    270. Steve's going in the water! Steve better not die. I will be devastated if Steve dies.

    271. Max watching Steve through the binoculars is very funny. Laughed out loud at that.

    272. I love underwater wide shots every time I see them, without fail.

    273. Also love the "water gate" joke. That is dumb and right up my alley.

    274. I feel like Steve is already holding his breath for far too long.

    275. Oh no, Steve's gonna get dragged back down by the tentacle.

    276. Steve's in the upside down now! I've said it before and I'll say it again: Steve better not die.

    277. Eddie's really grown on me, despite the fact that he is 42.

    278. Oh god, these bats biting and strangling Steve is awful.

    That's it for "Chapter Six: The Dive!"

    Great ending, but I could do without a lot if it.

    Now for the final episode, "Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab!"

    279. I love the way this scene in the upside down with the bats and all the older kids is filmed and rendered.

    280. I'd watch a sitcom about Paul Reiser and Matthew Modine in this.

    281. I can't believe there's something going on between Steve and Nancy. Not only is it not the time, it feels totally out of character of her.

    282. Why didn't they burn down the murder house in the real world? Maybe I don't understand, but I think that would solve at least a lot of problems.

    283. Oh my god, this collar on Two is awful. Two sucks but he's also a child being tortured daily.

    284. Vecna opening more gates is solid. I'm pleased with that.

    285. Love introducing time travel to this show. That's my favorite thing about this season so far, hands down.

    286. This is a very good episode.

    287. The lights!!! The words in the lights!!! I adore it!!!

    288. I don't like a police officer calling children "little pigs"

    289. Everybody on the same bikes in the real world and the upside down!!! This is where it's at!!!!

    290. Ugh, I'm over the Eleven stuff. I now care more about Hopper than this.

    291. I don't understand, did Eleven kill all the kids? She did, right? But now she's escaping and everybody's alive.

    292. How has Hopper not notice Joyce and Murray yet?

    293. Also, I want this to be a bear and not a demogorgon. That would be so funny.

    294. Hi, demogorgon! It's been so long! You're so beautiful.

    295. Oh, the way it ate that head from above was haunting!

    296. Whoa! That spear went right in the demogorgon's mouth! See, this is what I love about this show.

    297. A Joyce and Hopper reunion! What if they started making out right there?

    298. We haven't seen Mike and Will and co. in a very long time.

    299. These kids are all geniuses.

    300. Holy shit, Jamie Campbell Bowers has powers, too!

    301. He's One! He's One!

    302. Yep, I'm right! He's One!

    303. Aw, I should've known! That's obvious.

    304. Wait, why is the sheet rope holding between the upside down and the real world? I don't understand but I like it.

    305. Steve's gonna get stuck in there and I will be angry.

    306. Oh no, Nancy's falling!

    307. Is she in the pool where Barb died?

    308. Oh god, being in that pool while it's filling up with jelly blood would be, like, the worst way to go.

    309. There's a lot of dead bodies this season. A lot of dead bodies in awful positions.

    310. And Jamie Campbell Bowers is the one who actually killed everybody! Okay. I don't care about this. Bring me back to the upside down.

    311. I just yelled "Oh my god" at the reveal that Jamie Campbell Bowers is Victor Creel's son! Now I care about him. That's awesome.

    312. Aw, I don't want to watch a bunny die.

    313. This is so awesome though. This is as awesome as it gets.

    314. Somehow, this climax is Eleven fighting Vecna, and that is Stranger Things's creative genius at its finest.

    315. What the fuck is this wormhole Eleven is seeing? I could live without it.

    316. Wow, what an ending. Eleven inadvertently made a gate, and made Vecna skinless!

    317. I'll almost tolerate him looking human for this reveal.

    Alright! That's it for Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1!

    While I liked it, I certainly didn't love it. That being said, I'm looking forward to Vol. 2!