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    17 Classic "Kim Possible" Villains, Ranked From "Worst" To "Shego"

    This is the sitch.

    Kim Possible is the best television show ever made. I know it. You know it. David Remnick knows it.

    Disney Television Animation / Via

    That's why I felt it was my duty to rank the best Kim Possible villains.

    Disney Television Animation / Via

    17. Amy Hall, AKA DNAmy

    Mister Barkin Ron, Rufus and DNAmy
    Disney Television Animation

    Amy, the cuddle bunny collector who creates animal and human hybrids, is simply too evil. This picture gives me chills. (Fun fact: She's voiced by Melissa McCarthy!)

    16. The Mathter

    The Mather says, "Now, witness as I proceed to subtract Go City element by element, until it is no longer...a factor"
    Disney Television Animation

    The Mather's been evil "ever since Go City denied him funding for his unethical mathematical experiments." (Lol.) Something about him is unsettlingly creepy to me.

    15. Aviarius

    Aviarius laughs evilly in his nest sharped lair
    Disney Television Animation

    Aviarius is the bird guy. He's all about birds and also taking other people's powers. It's both too much and yet not enough.

    14. Electronique

    Disney Television Animation

    Electronique is the kind of fierce Tyra talks about. She knows all about electronics and how to make them evil, but I only really remember her look.

    13. Professor Dementor

    Disney Television Animation

    Professor Dementor is just a classic evil guy. He's fine, but he doesn't have that wow factor. (Fun fact: He's voiced by Patton Oswalt.)

    12. Motor Ed

    Ed says, "Introducing Motor Ed and his indestructible fleet of totally rocking, bashing, killer monster trucks"
    Disney Television Animation

    Motor Ed is a parody of mulleted motorcycle/monster truck bros, which I absolutely appreciate, but his evil schemes aren't stand-outs.

    11. Frugal Lucre

    Drakken says, "It's not fair" and Frugal Lucre says, "Oh, is this where I learn about villain disappointment"
    Disney Television Animation

    Frugal Lucre is a small-time hacking villain who loves a bargain. What a lane. (Fun fact: He's voiced by Richard Kind, which is fantastic.)

    10. Bebes

    Three Bebe robots surround a scientist and all say, "I am Bebe"
    Disney Television Animation

    Bebe robots are evil robots that think for themselves. They began when Drakken was in college and wanted to, like, create a woman, which is grade A gross. They sure got under childhood me's skin, though.

    9. Gill

    Gill says, "I heard that squeeb, remember me" and Ron says, "Not really, and I gotta tell you, I think I'd remember"
    Disney Television Animation

    Gill, the swamp creature! He was Ron's childhood bully who got mutated because of the toxic lake at Camp Wannaweep. (Camp Wannaweep!) This guy has his own drawer in my brain, you know what I mean?

    8. Señor Senior, Senior

    Señor Senior, Senior smiling
    Disney Television Animation

    The nice patriarch of the baddie family is casual in his villainy, but anyone self-aware enough to say, "World class villains are defined by disproportionate revenge" is a winner in my book.

    7. Camille Leon

    Camille says, "Kim Possible, I wore your look once, for like five minutes"
    Disney Television Animation

    Camille is a shapeshifting thief who used to be the heir to a cat foot fortune. It's an undeniably flawless backstory, but she just isn't a best of the best.

    6. Embarrassment Ninjas

    An Embarrassment Ninja shakes Shego's hand, she freaks out, and the ninja reveals an shocker in their hand
    Disney Television Animation

    Ninjas that pull practical jokes and embarrass their opponents. This idea is so brilliant there should be a whole movie about it.

    5. Monkey Fist

    Monkey Fist says, "No, mystical monkey power is reserved for me and me alone"
    Disney Television Animation

    Monkey Fist is the villain centered on martial arts...and monkeys. I remember Monkey Fist more vividly than I remember 2014.

    4. Señor Senior, Junior

    Señor Senior Senior says, "To remedy this, I have secured the services of a qualified tutor," and Señor Senior, Junior says, "A tutor, you mean like the nice lady you hired to do all my homework in grades K through 12"
    Disney Television Animation

    The rich boy who doesn't much care about being evil, because all he really wants is to be a pop star. What a legend. Also, remember "Quit Playing Games with My Head?"

    3. Duff Killigan

    Kim says, "Duff Killigan is planning on covering the world in grass to create one giant golf course" and Duff says, "My own personal golf course, lassie"
    Disney Television Animation

    He's an evil Scottish golfer in a kilt — such a stereotype, but I love it. You can't go wrong with Duff.

    2. Dr. Drakken

    Drakken says, "To prove that I am brillianter than the lot of them," Shego asks, "Brillianter," and Drakken says, "Most smartest, whatever, I'm a scientific genius, not an englist"
    Disney Television Animation

    Drakken is the classic. He's so thwart-able, he flips back into lovable.

    1. Shego

    Shego says, "No, no, no, really, I'm listening, go on" while she reads a magazine
    Disney Television Animation

    Shego forever.

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