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25 Perfect Jokes From The "Friends" Thanksgiving Episodes That Are Tragically Underrated

"Here come the meat sweats."

1. When Ross didn't know how he felt about speaking to Ben in the womb, so Phoebe had an idea.

Phoebe says, "Oh, I think the baby can totally hear everything," Ross asks, "Really," and Phoebe says, "I can show you, okay, this'll seem a little weird, but you put your head inside this turkey"

2. When Monica invited Richard's son as a quasi-date.

Monica says, "Why is it sick," and Rachel says, "Because it's Richard's son, it's like inviting a Greek tragedy over for dinner"

3. When Joey easily named all the states.

Joey says, "Say hello to the new champ of Chandler's dumb states game," Ross asks, "Wow, how many you got," and Joey says, "56"

4. When Chandler pretended to be into "the game" so Monica wouldn't ask him to help with dinner.

Monica asks, "Is your team winning, hun," Chandler says, "Oh yeah, Anderson just scored again," but then he says to Phoebe, "There is no Anderson"

5. When Monica's cookies viscerally disgusted Phoebe.

Phoebe says, "This is what evil must taste like"

6. When Joey got really worried about his head being stuck in the doorway.

Joey, stuck in the doorway, says, "Well hurry, I can't feel my ears," Chandler says, "Can you ever feel your ears," and Joey says, "Interesting"

7. When Monica refused the idea of Ross ~letting her~ have any points during the game of touch football.

Monica says to Ross, "Just once I want to bear you when you can't blame it on the broken nose, or the buzzer, or the fact that you thought you might be getting mono"

8. When Rachel burned Ross with the part of his "con list" that said she had chubby ankles.

Rachel says, "Is that him again, tell him I'd come to the phone but my ankles are weighing me down"

9. When Rachel and her sister, Amy, had the fight to end all fights.

Amy says, "Yeah, well you know what I cannot believe, that my so-called sister gets a 30% discount from Ralph Lauren and I still have to pay retail," Rachel laughs and then says, "It's 45"

10. When Monica hurt her eye and Phoebe called the doctor.

Phoebe, on the phone, says, "Hi, yeah, I'm calling on behalf of Monica Geller's eye"

11. When Chandler knew who was coming to dinner.

Monica says, "So, guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner," and Chandler says, "Sidney Poitier"

12. When college Chandler and Ross discussed their music.

Ross says, "So I'm thinking of asking Rachel out tonight, you know, maybe playing her that song we wrote last week," Chandler asks, "Emotional Knapsack," Ross says, "Yeah," and Chandler says, "Right on"

13. And their fake I.D.s.

Chandler says, "We're gonna test out our fake I.D.s tonight, right, Clifford Alvarez," and Ross says, "Listen, Roland Chang"

14. When Phoebe made a song about a love triangle right after Ross and Rachel kissed.

Phoebe sings, "Now, I can't stress this point too strongly, this story isn't real"

15. When Chandler didn't hate just Thanksgiving.

Monica says, "And I assume, Chandler, you're still boycotting all the Pilgrim holidays," and Chandler says, "Yes, every single one of them."

16. When Joey gave Chandler his Christmas gift early.

Joey says, "And merry Christmas from your secret Santa," Chandler smiles and leaves, and then Joey says, Alright, who got Chandler, 'cause I need to trade"

17. When Monica had to make some new Thanksgiving recipes for a faux chocolate called "Mockolate."

Monica says, "How about Mockolate mousse," Phoebe says, "It's not very Thanksgivingy," and Monica says, "Okay, how about Pilgrim Mockolate mousse"

18. When Chandler wanted to name his and Monica's child Hemingway.

Chandler says, "Next year, it's gonna be you, me, and little Hemingway Bing...what, he's my favorite author," Monica says, "Name one of his books," and Chandler says, "The Firm"

19. When Phoebe gave Rachel her old maternity pants.

Phoebe says, "See how they expand as the baby grows, and then, after the baby's born, they're great for shoplifting melons"

20. When Chandler made the only joke possible.

Joey says, "Alright, we have to pick captains" and Chandler says, "and then Tennilles"

21. When Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel utilized an opportunity to stick things down Joey's pants.

Chandler says, "I'm gonna pull on the door and you guys push as hard as you can, maybe we can get enough room to wiggle him out," Phoebe says, "Just a sec we're kind of in the middle of something here" as she, Ross and Rachel put stuff down Joey's pants

22. When Chandler had to read a fake short story so Rachel wouldn't know a piece of paper was actually the pro/con list about her.

Chandler pretends to read, "It was Summer, and it was hot, Rachel was there, a lonely gray couch, 'Oh look,' cried Ned, and then the kingdom was his forever, the end"

23. When Rachel had a plan for what she would get everyone for Christmas.

Rachel says, "Wow, eight hours, so you could probably really use one of those plug in telephone headsets, huh," and Ross says, "Should we all expect Christmas gifts that can be stolen from your office"

24. When Phoebe had a crush on Monica and Ross's dad.

Phoebe says to Rachel about Jack, "Okay, look at him, look at those strong hands, oh, what I wouldn't give to be that can of...condensed milk"

25. And when Joey ate basically an entire turkey in one evening.

Joey says, "Here come the meat sweats"