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    22 Confusingly Specific Items That Would Make Perfect Christmas Gifts For Someone You Hate A Little

    I want the shirt that says, "I only like dolphins & Lizzie McGuire."

    1. For the person who loves Godzilla and Jesus in equal measure.

    2. For the meatball-loving, conspiracy-theory-supporting Jimothy in your life.

    3. For the Big Bong Theory lover.

    4. For the person with a large variety of interests.

    5. For the person who buys their bananas one at a time.

    6. For the "Smooth" fan.

    7. For the person who wants others to read The Communist Manifesto and stream Scooby-Doo.

    8. For the Ben who's usually in Walmart's meat section listening to "In the Air Tonight."

    9. For the person who loves the taste of Nutella but hates the company Nutella.

    10. For the person who is both a Hulk fan and wishes they were an orthodontist.

    11. For the person who is almost Bernie Sanders and Larry David.

    12. For a certain Burtha.

    13. For an avid viewer of The Walking Dead.

    14. For the little girl you know who cannot get a normal globe because, you know, she's a girl.

    15. For the Mountain Dew drinker who adores Disney.

    16. For the supporter of big teddy bears with giant, disproportionate legs.

    17. For the person who wants to vaguely imagine Bon Jovi riding an elephant while they drink tea.

    18. For the old man who's an Air Force veteran born in November.

    19. For the person who loves the idea of a Roomba but doesn't want a clean room.

    20. For the Hallmark-movie watcher.

    21. For the person who love both Lizzie McGuire and dolphins so much that they'd want a shirt about it.

    22. And finally, for the kid who wants a tragic and harrowing experience in a ball pit.