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    36 Moments From "A Cinderella Story" That Prove It’s One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time

    "Love her dress. Hate her."

    A Cinderella Story is, hands down, one of the greatest movies every made.

    Not only is the movie perfect, but its cast is also bonkers. In case you don't remember, Jennifer Coolidge and Regina King are in it, folks.

    Anyway here are 37 moments* from the movie that prove its brilliance.

    I am playing fast and loose with the word "moment."

    Also, we're not discussing the majority of things in the movie that straight-up don't make sense, or the little sprinkles of racism. There's also a huge age difference between Hilary Duff, who was a minor, and Chad Michael Murray. But I digress!

    1. The whole set up of The Valley as Sam's kingdom. So cheesy and lovely!

    In voiceover, Sam says, But to me, growing up, he Valley was my kingdom

    Also, this is not a moment, but I must include that Sam's dad named his diner just "Hal's Diner."

    2. The way Sam's new step-mom Fiona tricks her into not being in the wedding photo. LOL.

    Fiona drops a bouquet and Sam picks it up, ending up too low to make the shot


    4. Gotta love the elephant Fiona's had done. What is this?

    5. Everything Fiona says deserves a spot on this list.

    Fiona telling Sam she doesn't need to go to school because people only go to school to get jobs and Sam already has a job at the diner


    7. Sam's best friend Carter's dad only gets one scene, but it's great. His license plate is "My Dad 1."

    Carters dad cleaning his car and saying, A mans best friend is his Mercedes, Sam

    8. I love the way Shelby and the other meanies announce "move" to everyone as they go down the hallway.

    9. This message Sam gets from Austin, which is so weird. And she responds with "you first."

    A text that says, Whats on your mind right now

    10. And either Sam's thoughts are "laugh out loud," or she actually says, "laugh out loud" out loud when texting LOL. Either way I'm thrilled.

    11. How Sam and Austin have their secret online chats in a very busy school library.

    Sam in a busy library, typing, Ever feel like you dont belong

    Also this is Sam's font.

    A font that either is Comic Sans or looks like it

    12. Austin "quoting Tennyson," like an absolute weirdo. Chad Michael Murray is one of the the greatest rom-com leads we will ever witness.

    Austin types, Half the nights I waste in sighs, in a wakeful doze I sorrow for the hand

    13. The casualness with which Sam utters "cyberspace".

    Sam says, Maybe this whole relationships just better for cyberspace

    14. Let's point out that Fiona's phone is a shoe!!!

    Fiona speaking into a phone that looks like a high heel

    Also, this is not a moment either, but looks like all of the dad's in this movie lack creativity when it comes to names, because Austin's dad's car wash is simply called "Big Andy's."

    15. This whole moment with the step-sisters being golden.

    The stepsisters having covered their cars in dirt and talking to Austin about it, who works at his dads carwash

    16. The step-sisters were the Broad City of 2004.

    One of the stepsisters saying to Sam, What are you the dirt police, the other sister laughing and making a bad joke about dirt driving too fast

    17. This whole scene.

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    18. Fiona, you are a god.

    Fiona saying, I am a very appealing person

    19. The fashion montage. Here's the whole thing plus a bit before.

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    20. THIS POSE!!!

    The three mean, popular girls from A Cinderella Story posing and looking cool

    21. You saw this one coming, I hope: the dance scene.

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    22. My favorite quote maybe of all time.

    Shelby says, Love her dress, hate her

    23. LOOK HOW PRETTY SAM AND AUSTIN'S NIGHTTIME WALK IS!!! Romance is alive and thriving.

    Sam and Austin walking in a lit path

    24. I love how he reacts to her not wanting to hold hands. Austin is consistently cool and great like this.

    Austin offers Sam his hand, she holds her dress as a response, and he puts his hands behind his back

    25. Shelby being a comedic allstar.

    Shelby says to a character dressed up in old timey clothes, What are you supposed to be, He says, a Three Musketeer, and Shelby says, you dont look like a candy bar

    26. The gazebo scene. The gazebo scene. The gazebo scene. The gazebo scene. The gazebo scene.

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    27. Shelby's reaction to Carter being interested in her after they made out the night before. I think it was the night before?

    Carter says, But I thought we had like a connection, and Shelby says, Okay

    28. The Peabody-winning carwash scene. (Except the abundance of hot wax, because oh my lord that would hurt.)

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    29. Fiona eating some cookies. I should do a whole article about Fiona.

    Fiona says, Mm, theyre so moist

    30. When Sam finally ends her relationship with Fiona! Yes, Sam! She sucks!

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    31. Sam's AMAZING speech to Austin that is so lame, but also I love it with all my heart.

    Sam says to Austin, I know that guy that send those emails is somewhere down inside of you, but I cant wait for him, because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and disappointing

    32. The way Austin flips off his dad with words. He is a poet, after all.

    Austins dad says, What, youre throwing away your dream, and Austin says, No dad, Im throwing away yours

    33. Sam and Austin's first kiss.

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    Also, by the way, why did Sam's dad put his will in her fairytale book? What is that about?

    In voiceover, Sam says, the fairytale book did contain something important

    34. But Fiona's never seen the will that gives Sam everything.

    Fiona says, I have never seen my husbands hidden will before

    35. Carter gets a happy ending! He's in a commercial! Go Carter. He's awesome.

    Carter is holding a bottle of a skin product called Believe and says, Anything is possible if you just believe

    36. And, obviously but wonderfully, Sam and Austin are together and life is perfect. Should I watch this movie again right now?

    Sam sitting on the hood of her convertible while Austin knees, putting Sam's phone back on her shoe like she had it at the dance