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  • Def Jam Lie

    I tried to trick a comment spamming rapper into thinking I was a record producer at Def Jam. It worked.

  • Racism Tolerance

    A couple friends do a social experiment using Skype if people would be willing to tolerate racism towards another race not present in order to attain cheap rent.


    In this video, LA based comedian Ben Bizuneh, gets a wig made, assembles an entourage, and walks straight into one of The Weeknd’s concerts posing as the R&B singer himself. Girls go crazy and take selfies with him. Pretty hilarious.

  • NBA Draft Prank. Very Funny

    Guy goes to some basketball courts in Los Angeles, and pretends to be a former NCAA basketball player having a documentary made about his journey to the league. But sucks at basketball and gets called out.

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