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    6 Apps That Might Just Keep You Safe

    Because you can never be too prepared.

    1. Circle of 6 (Prevent Crime)

    This award winning app let’s you stop crimes before they happen. In two taps, you can quickly send premade messages to any of your 6 emergency contacts to let them know you are in a sketchy situation.

    Also available on Google Play.

    2. Kitestring (Never Feel Alone)

    Going anywhere alone is never ideal, but if you must Kitestring has got your back. Fail to text them in the time window you set up, and they automatically send an alert message to your emergency contacts.

    3. Tag - You're It! (Share Your Location)

    Tag is a safe alternative to Snapchat. They don’t disappear and it offers recipients the directions to your current location. You just send where you are and what you are doing to whomever you want so they can come meet you.

    4. Hollaback! (Break The Silence)


    Sexual harassment rarely gets reported, but with Hollaback! victims finally are empowered to share their stories, warn of attackers (with both pictures and location), and take a stand against sexual violence.

    5. One Love My Plan (Prevent Domestic Abuse)

    Not all sex crimes are from strangers though. The One Love app can help you determine if you or your friend’s relationship is part of the “normal ups and downs of a relationship” or something more serious.

    6. First Aid by The American Red Cross (Know How To Respond)

    If you ever find yourself (or someone else) in an emergency situation, The First Aid Emergency Kit is a lifesaver… literally. The app offers walkthroughs for every emergency you could encounter and a list of the closest hospitals.