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10 Signs You Grew Up With Brothers

There were no tea parties in your household.

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1. You Know a Thing or Two About Professional Sports / Via

You're aware that the Panthers are kicking ass this season. Not that you really care.

2. You've Sustained Plenty of Injuries / Via

It was all fun and games until your brothers decided to make you the headliner of their "Fight Night."

3. You Don't Diet / Via

Your brothers ordered a large meat lovers pizza. Again. You joined them. Again.

4. You Have the Mouth of a Sailor / Via

When it comes to you and your brothers, the f-word is synonymous for "I love you."

5. You're Not Afraid to Wear Clothes From the Men's Section / Via

Boys always have the better selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. And you were an expert at stealing them from your brothers' closets.

6. You Fought to the Death to Ride Shotgun / Via

Because riding in the backseat of Mom's suburban is emasculating, apparently.

7. And You're Competitive AF in Other Areas / Via

Who will have the higher GPA? Who will get the last brownie? Who will be the least disappointing to your father?

8. Petty Insults Don't Phase You / Via

"You're ugly." -every brother everywhere

9. Your Boyfriends are Always Scrutinized / Via

Your brothers never think your boyfriends are cool. Then again, they don't think you are either.

10. You Know Who to Call if You Get Arrested / Via

You have enough blackmail on your brothers to be assured that one of them will bail you out of jail.

You and your brothers may not always get along, but they make your life more fun.

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