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How It Feels To Fast During Ramadan

Let the hunger games begin. A list as long as your fast.

At first you think it will be easy.

Yeah it's the summer but you got this, you have years of fasting experience under your belt young Muzzy.

You've even created a list of goals this year.

Do yo thang chicken wing.

You've even decided to cut back on social media and internet use because this happens...

You are the worst tumblr.

You change your relationship status.

But you don't care cause you'll still have a date every night.

Keep it real playa.

You try to be nice to everyone.

Well the most you do is say hi but baby steps are good!

When you step into the kitchen, you step right out.

Food what? What is that even?

Good plan.

You keep yourself busy

"Lower your gaze."

Look at the positives.

Ignore the caffeine headaches.

Attend Taraweeh Prayer.

Maybe there's room on the roof???

While there, don't think about the pain.

or fall asleep mid-Salah.

You even decide to make Suhoor for the first day which means: grocery shopping!

...and buy the whole store because "everything looks so good!"

(Suhoor refers to the meal consumed early in the morning, before the sun rises, by Muslims before fasting)

Once your masterpiece is complete you go to wake up your family members.

But they're just like...

Angry feelings start to creep in...

Don't let this happen!

But you shrug it off because it only means more Suhoor food for you!

Fast kid, fast! The sun is rising!

Oh, Suhoor anxiety!

Then you sleep z z z

And when you walk into class the next morning your first words are:

And that kid who decided to have coffee for Suhoor is like...

Then your gym teacher makes you run the mile despite knowledge of your fasting.


And you're all...

Then anger builds and words start to slip out.

Allahuma inni sa2ima, Allahuma inni sa2ima, Allahuma inni sa2ima.

You find your sister in a closet with food.


You realize that somehow you're actually gaining weight.

...can't be you overeating during Suhoor?

The days start to feel like they're getting longer.

When someone asks you how much time is left

Before you know it you're this person.

or a cronut.

Try and not be this person.

When you tell your non-Muslim friends you can't engage in food, gossip, parties or obscenity and have no energy to do any physical activity, they're like...

So you convince them to fast a day with you and by 3pm they're like...

And when you tell them water is not allowed either:

Their pain is a good distraction from your pain.

But let's get back to you. You may slip.

Watch some Game of Thrones.

Then overreact.

But when the hour mark hits you know you got this.

You imagine your feasts to go like this:

And then before you know it, IT'S TIME!

But after your first bite...

And you end the day the way you started.

Here is where I was going to write the real meaning of Ramadan isn't about food in GIFs, but this has gotten way too long. Stop reading and go pray or sleep, your choice.

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