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    15 Household Items You Can Stop Buying Today!

    You’ll be surprised how much cash you can save by easily reproducing *tons* of common household items at home. DIY versions often use greener ingredients than their commercial counterparts, so you can save the planet while saving money!

    1. DRAIN CLEANER: Stop seeing your $$$ go down the drain.

    Designerssweetspot / Via

    Clear clogged drains with simple stuff from your baking cupboard.

    2. LAUNDRY SOFTENER: Softer on your wallet. / Via

    Soften your laundry and make it smell great with only 3 basic ingredients.

    3. COOKING SPRAY: Don’t wait olive your life for an inexpensive healthy alternative to Pam.

    The Gardening Cook / Via

    Brew up a batch of olive oil no-stick cooking spray.

    4. CHALK PAINT: Paint the town red using all the cash you’ll save.

    andersonandgrant / Via

    Add 2 super cheap items to transform plain old paint into trendy chalk paint.

    5. POTTING MIX: This nutritious “recipe” can save pots of money.

    Sow and Dipity / Via

    Pamper your plants by mixing up a batch of gourmet potting soil.

    6. CANDLES: Store-bought tea lights or tapers can’t hold a candle to these low cost, classy creations.

    FrouFrugal / Via

    Put together magnificent home-style candles – great as gifts!

    7. GARLIC: More yum for less money … now that’s called using your head.

    Old World Garden Farms / Via

    Plant easy-care garlic in your garden for the freshest flavor.

    8. MERCURY GLASS: Mirror mirror on the wall, with the cash I save I’ll have a ball!

    Leslie D / Via

    Spray thrift store vases and such with looking glass paint to create your own faux mercury glass.

    9. GOO GONE: Goodbye to all your goo doesn’t have to mean goodbye to all your gold.

    The Make Your Own Zone / Via

    Mimic Goo Gone with a combo of oil & baking soda.

    10. WRINKLE RELEASE SPRAY: Release yourself from financial bondage to the wrinkle spray manufacturers.

    The Make Your Own Zone / Via

    Fabricate homemade wrinkle release spray with just one main component.

    11. SWIFFER COVERS: Sock away the savings.

    Avenue Candles. / Via

    Slip a fuzzy sock onto your Swiffer in place of a purchased cover.

    12. HAND SOAP: A sweet scent for fewer ¢ ¢ ¢.

    Nature's Nurture / Via

    Whip up a hardworking foaming hand soap that smells delightful.

    13. DISHWASHER DETERGENT: The only deposit will be all the extra cash you put in the bank.

    The Seasoned Homemaker / Via

    Prepare this simple dishwasher detergent to get spotlessly clean results, with no deposit left in your machine.

    14. PAPER TOWELS: This cuts corners on your cleaning supplies budget.

    The Seasoned Homemaker / Via

    Cut up absorbent cloth to make a reusable substitute for paper towels.

    15. SOLAR LIGHTS: Your financial future will look bright with all you save on these babies.

    Kathe with an E / Via

    Replace the battery to extend your solar light’s life.

    16. AND NOW … Um … Er … Ahem

    Luis / Via

    A great, inexpensive DIY idea we couldn’t quite categorize, but it sure keeps the toilet seat warm on a cold night..

    TALK BACK TO HOMETALK: Are there any everyday – or uncommon – items that you routinely make yourself?