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21 Bachelor Pad Tricks That Will Up Your Game

Man cave, manland, mantuary, or manspace — whatever you call it, chances are your home could use some help from the pros. Homepolish, a NYC-based home design firm with designers nationwide, recommends these easy ways to create an epic bachelor pad without spending a fortune.

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2. Avoid cliché color patterns.

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Unless you're a vampire, don't do this.

One of the most common and overused color combinations we've seen in a guy’s apartment? Red, black, and white. Or black, white, and blue.

Break up monotonous colors with neutrals.

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Avoid using all primary colors in your home; it can look very dated and unsophisticated. Break up monotonous colors with neutrals like taupe and gray, and add in metallics like brass or chrome.

3. Fluorescent light is not sexy.

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When it comes to your home, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rely solely on the overhead lighting you've inherited. Few things kill the mood faster than the harsh, unforgiving glare of fluorescent ceiling lights.

Invest in task lamps.

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Add in additional sources of light, like table lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps, which will create warm, flattering light. You can also install a dimmer switch to reduce the overhead glare. Ahhh. So much better.

4. Upgrade Your Hamper.

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If you're still hanging onto that $5 plastic bin from your dorm-room days, it's time for an upgrade. Get a hamper (with a lid) to keep dirty socks and gym clothes something modern and stylish.

Buy towels in darker colors, like navy or charcoal.

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Instead of white, choose darker colors like navy, charcoal, or taupe. Not only will they stay looking fresh for longer, but they are much better at hiding stains and discoloration.

Invest in wine glasses.

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You don't have to spend a fortune on glassware. Most big retailers like Bed, Bath, and Beyond sell inexpensive sets of wine glasses. Mason jars are also a great-looking option and are inexpensive and sturdy (perfect for entertaining). You can pick up a dozen at your local cooking store or Fish's Eddy.

9. You can never have too many books.

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Reading is sexy, plain and simple. You can never have too many books, with one caveat: Having ALL finance books is not the way to Make Friends and Influence People.

If you really want to impress, create a color-coordinated bookcase. Most people don't realize that you can easily recreate this look at home by ordering specific books by color or material.

11. Banish those ugly CD and DVD racks.

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If you still have CDs or DVDs, store them in a drawer or away from view to keep your place from looking cluttered (or forever lost in the '90s).

12. Buy an area rug.

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One of the biggest mistakes guys make is not getting an area rug for the living room. It's a simple tweak that will make a big impact. (Besides, girls don't like having cold feet.)

13. It looks weird when all of your furniture comes from the same place.

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You wouldn't (or shouldn't) buy your entire wardrobe from the same store, why would you buy all of your furniture from the same place?

If you're short on time, shop on websites that aggregate lots of furniture and decor brands, like Wayfair, One Kings Lane, or Gilt Home.

16. Cover your windows.

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This is key. If your windows don't have blinds or curtains, get some. Especially in the bedroom. Don't be that guy that covers his windows with sheets or towels.

17. Get a candle.

Diptyque / Via

The human sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses linked to memory and sex drive, so it's a major mood killer if your bedroom smells like dirty socks. Do yourself a favor and buy candles for the bedroom and bathroom. You don't need to settle for a frilly scent either, guy-friendly brands like Diptyque, Meyers, and Kaufmann Mercantile sell a variety of more herbal, musky options.

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