20 Quirky Cat-Themed ETSY Crafts

It’s spring. You’re feeling crafty. You’re ready to really dig into some DIY projects. Richard the Cat suggests you go to Home Depot for help. Unless you’re one of these artists, in which case you should maybe get professional help of a different sort. J/K these things are awesome. (Most of them.)

1. This meow-seum showpiece

NobilityCatsandPets / Via etsy.com

2. Finger puppets made of cat hair

NineLiveTwine / Via etsy.com

And before you ask, don’t worry:

Custom finger puppets are also available using your cat’s hair.

3. Do you love cats and minimalism?

MindfulWear / Via etsy.com

Or if "love" is too strong a word…

MindfulWear / Via etsy.com

4. "Frou Frou, A Shy Kitten"

FabulouzFelinez / Via etsy.com

5. This adorable stuffed mutant cat

FreakyCuteKreations / Via etsy.com

6. This is brilliant if you heart science

alicestrange / Via etsy.com

7. This absolutely normal fan artwork

sleepybowie / Via etsy.com

It’s Kanye West and Aziz Ansari… in their natural cat forms!

8. This recycled yard art

nbillmeyer / Via etsy.com

9. This rabbit-fur "Room Guardian"

Anyaboz / Via etsy.com

10. This celebration of the obvious

DentzDesign / Via etsy.com

11. Did you know? Cats love hats!*

anastasijagogina / Via etsy.com
SarabiRose / Via etsy.com
NotsoKittyShop / Via etsy.com

*Cats may not in fact love hats.

12. This…thing

BlueMooNBegiNNiNgs / Via etsy.com

13. This perfect gift for the creepy doctor who has everything

ArtOfThePage / Via etsy.com

14. What appears to be a jacked up replica of Richard the Cat

Kadaland / Via etsy.com

15. Da-na-na-na, na-na-na-na CAT-MAN!

FatCatCrafts / Via etsy.com

16. This whimsical charcoal cat drawing

ImagineAbstractions / Via etsy.com

Perfect for that kid in your life who loooooves nightmares.

17. Kitten mittens

ForestRanger22 / Via etsy.com

We’ve all been there: Late at night, can’t sleep because that loud cat is stomping around on her heavy little hooves. The solution? Hand-knit mittens that kitty will love!*

*Kitty may not in fact love

18. Cool "Victorian" chenille cat ornaments

oldworldprimitives / Via etsy.com

Because in Victorian Times, cats were proper ladies.

19. This dadaist birthday card

comradecards / Via etsy.com

20. And finally… 20,000 versions of the same pun

IceCreamTees / Via etsy.com
DecalForYourWall / Via etsy.com
MKCreativeStore / Via etsy.com
EconomyGrocery / Via etsy.com
VicariousClothing / Via etsy.com
signaturetshirts / Via etsy.com
fangirlygirl / Via etsy.com
teeshirtexpressions / Via etsy.com
Decalicious / Via etsy.com
IceCreamTees / Via etsy.com
Espressions / Via etsy.com

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