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11 Cats With Better Apartments Than Yours

Some cats live outdoors. Some cats live indoors. But the pimping-est cats have outdoor enclosures called --wait for it-- CATIOS. You can order them online or build them from scratch (get it?) if you're so inclined, and Home Depot can help. Either way, cats love catios - even Richard, and he hates everything.

1. This one is home to the world's happiest and laziest cats...

...judging by the fact that it comes with its own mini catnip farm.

2. This one is a little like a very fancy cat jail.

3. These lucky cats have a full-sized fridge.

4. Taking the screened-in porch concept one step beyond.

5. The fanciest ones look like an extension of the house, or as cats call them, "indoor human enclosures."

6. This one has HD cable TV.*

7. Unfortunately the "mouse" pun is likely lost on the actual tenant.

8. This one was built by the (apparently swanky) Humane Society for Hamilton County.

9. This one blurs the line between "catio" and "FREAKING CAT MANSION."

10. Classy, spacious and easy to build yourself (as these things go)!

11. This one belongs to a professional cat-sitting company (!)