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10 Things Concert Campers Want You To Know

The answers to all those questions you have when you see a bunch of crazy people in sleeping bags outside of a venue.

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1. We’re not homeless. / Via

When is the last time you saw a group of high-maintenance homeless girls chatting away excitedly in shiny new sleeping bags?

2. We're also not dirty. / Via

It might be a shower in a truckstop, a hotel room split between 15 people, or at the generosity of a friend’s uncle’s second cousin that lives in the area—but we WILL wash.

3. We're not camping for tickets. / Via

That's what the internet is for.

4. It's General Admission; we just want front row.

5. We're probably older than you think. / Via

We’re not your kid’s teenage babysitter. We're your accountant, your hairdresser, and—scary, I know—your boss.

6. Try to cut us in line at your own peril.

7. You're welcome to ask a question or two... / Via

but you're also welcome to read the giant marquee above our heads if your only question is why we're camping out.

8. We don't actually care what you think. / Via

If we did, we probably wouldn't be lounging around in sleeping bags on a sidewalk in the first place.

9. It's more fun than it looks. / Via

When you spend 47 hours in line with a stranger, you'll either kill them or become best friends.

10. It's all worth it when the show begins. <3 / Via

...and we'll probably do it again tomorrow and have to answer all the same questions.

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