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    23 Times Ross Geller Was Relatable As Hell For Anyone Starting Their Senior Year Of College

    We were on a break!!!

    1. Right around now, you're probably moving into your last college apartment.

    2. And while you were packing, you debated bringing an unnecessary (but sentimental) object from your childhood.

    3. But hey, you're a logical adult, so you only brought what's necessary.

    4. Speaking of logical, you've come up with a mature, adult way to answer the "what are you doing after college" question.

    5. Even though you're kind of panicking about the future.

    6. But hey, at least you have a sense of who you are.

    7. All the work you should have been doing this summer is starting to catch up with you.

    8. And the stress of starting classes is really starting to set in.

    9. Especially because you're probably registered for some English class you've been dodging since freshman year.

    10. Which, by the way, you will not be purchasing the textbook for.

    11. Or dressing up for.

    12. In fact, you probably won't be, how you say, "showing up".

    13. Because you're too busy relishing in all of your "lasts."

    14. Like your last dining hall meal.

    15. And your last night out at your favorite bar.

    16. You've established a fun, supportive friend group by now.

    17. But you can't help but think about how you're all going to be scattered across the country in a year.

    18. You're starting to fall in love with all the little things that used to annoy you about your University...just as you're about to leave them.

    19. How could you not? Your school is the best place on Earth.

    20. And even though this year is going to be full of amazing nights and unforgettable moments...

    21. You can't help but remember that this is the beginning of the end.

    22. So make the most of senior year.

    23. And enjoy every moment with your favorite people at your favorite place.

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