23 Signs You're The Rachel Green Of Your Friend Group

    It's just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic!

    1. You're a little spoiled (but you're working on it).

    2. Your classic style is the envy of the group.

    3. Even though you're probably wearing something you stole from your roommate's closet.

    4. You're a lady, so you're gracefully honest.

    5. You're the last one working an hourly job.

    6. But you have have big dreams of moving onto something better.

    7. You're lacking in the domestic arts.

    8. And the rest of your friends high-key judge you for it.

    9. You're a girly-girl, but you have no problem hanging with the guys.

    10. In fact, most of your friends are guys.

    11. Which means your dating life is all over the damn place.

    12. But there's one person you always go back to.

    13. And it sends your friends on an emotional rollercoaster.

    14. And thank god, because one thing's for sure...

    15. You joke around with your friends like it's your job.

    16. Because fun is your first priority.

    17. But you + alcohol = disaster.

    18. And the morning after a night out? Even worse.

    19. It's nothing a little coffee can't fix, though.

    20. You're known for your *ahem* unique tastes.

    21. And it's one of the reasons your friends love you so much.

    22. Because even though you're disorganized, chaotic, and irresponsible with money...

    23. Your friends love you, and they couldn't live without you.

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