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9 Things You Didn't Realise A Wedding Planner Was For

It’s not all spreadsheets and hairspray, here are a few things you probably won’t find on a good wedding planners invoice.

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1. Be the buffer


Sometimes you need a friendly third party to tell your parents you don’t want those hideous lilac napkins or to let those back up caterers down gently.

2. Negotiation tactics


The wedding planning kind aren’t afraid to haggle to get you a good deal. We have our ways.

3. Calm you down


In those last weeks when you just need someone to vent to and assure you it will all be totally amazing.

4. Take the blame


When your grandmother doesn’t like where you sat them. Just smile, nod and apologise.

5. Herding the bridal party


Making sure the drunk best man keeps to schedule and keeping your mum in tissues.

6. Keeping you fed and watered


The minute you’ve got a fork-full of fondant potato near your mouth, someone will want to say hello or goodbye. We’ll make sure you get what you need!

7. Fixing the mini-disasters


Lipstick on the dress? A broken buttonhole? We got you covered. We have a kit...

8. For being in charge of plans A through C


Planners live in the ‘just in case’ so you don’t have to worry your be-veiled head about anything.

9. Inspiring you


For when you just need good ideas, we keep a good stock up our sleeves.


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