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New York & LA Are Exactly The Same

...according to what we, the residents, say about our respective cities. Which place are we even talking about right now?

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"Everyone wants to live here, because it's amazing and magical."

"What kind of career are you looking for? You can do that here, if you’re willing to work your way to the top."

"Maybe you want to be a star!"

"Or a writer!"

"Inspiration abounds. We have theater, museums, all the finest of the fine arts."

"Sports! Team pride!"

"Dog parks, theme parks, park-bench parks. Parks galore!"

"The food. Will change. Your life."

"You like coffee? OH WE HAVE COFFEE."

"We also have bars. SO MANY FUN BARS."

"But hopefully your apartment building has an elevator, because getting home late and climbing stairs is the worst."

"Even if your crib isn’t a palace, remember that you live in this incredible metropolis."

"You’ll meet unforgettable people here. Besties, frenemies, all kinds of characters."

"Maybe you'll meet a celebrity! Or a former celebrity!"

"While you’re exploring, be ready to dodge some dorky tourists."

"Traffic can be a drag, but see it as a chance to look around at this beautiful town."

"So how could we ever get along with our rival city?"

"Aww, shucks, I guess they’re okay."

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