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The Best Disney Sidekicks

Because no hero/heroine is truly complete without their sidekicks.

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10. The Seven Dwarfs

The dwarfs could easily be a hassle, with one constantly sneezing, one being a dick all the time, and one being way too happy and joyous, but instead they provide for Snow White in her greatest time of need. They mine for gems all day to pay their cottage bills while Snow White chills at home, cooking for the dwarfs while her animal friends clean the cottage. They even offer to give up all seven of their beds and sleep in like pots and ovens and stuff so that Snow White can be comfy in all their beds.

After the Prince kisses Snow White and she wakes up, the dwarfs are happier than little kids on Christmas morning. She kisses them goodbye and then peaces out with the Prince on the horse, but the dwarfs are so happy she’s alive that they’re super cool with her just leaving like that.

9. Lumière and Cogsworth

These guys know the Beast is batshit crazy and they try their best to make Belle comfortable during her stay/jailtime. They cook a huge feast for her and have the other animated household items sing songs for her, and Lumière convinces the Beast to give Belle his awesome library. Cogsworth also finds a captain’s hat and discovers a way to hold scissors so that he can jam them into Le Fou’s butt at the end of the movie.

8. Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy is literally Pinocchio’s conscious. It would be AMAZING to have him by my side on Saturday nights, hanging out in my clutch and telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. Jiminy is also the Ryan Seacreast of Disney, serving as a host of the Disney “Sing-Along Songs” movies and even got a gig as the Ghost of Christmas Past in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.” Ambitious little cricket.

7. Genie

The Genie is an important sidekick to Aladdin. Magic carpet is a close second, but Genie gets stuff done. He helps Aladdin escape the Cave of Wonders and later helps him temporarily become a prince. Even though Genie is prone to granting wishes for other people, as we see at the end when he turns Jafar into a super-genie, his allegiance always lies with Aladdin. He questions Aladdin's unethical wish of becoming someone he's not and then lying, and Genie convinces him to tell Jasmine the truth. Plus, he puts on some really sweet song and dance numbers.

6. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

The three fairies in “Sleeping Beauty” are pretty fantastic. They show up to the baby Aurora’s birth party and announce that they will make her grow up to be hot with a beautiful voice. Then when things get dangerous, they offer to give up their fairyness and live without magic so that they can take care of Aurora for 16 years. WHAT? That’s SO generous.

They spend like a year preparing for Aurora’s 16th birthday party which involves them making a stunning blue/pink dress and bake her a magic cake. In the end, the help rescue Prince Phillip and give him a free sword and shield so that he can destroy Maleficent and save Aurora. Oh and they can shrink to be really little and hang out in jewelry boxes which looks so fun.

5. Timothy Q. Mouse

When our favorite big-eared elephant Dumbo is made fun of and separated from his mother, Timothy is the only one to feel sorry for Dumbo and tries to get him back on his feet. He gets Dumbo drunk which results in them waking up in a tree, meaning that Dumbo flew up to the tree when he was wasted! Timothy encourages Dumbo to keep flying and gives him a feather for aerodynamic support. Soon enough, Dumbo is the VIP of the circus, with his mom back in the picture and Timothy as their manager.

4. Sebastian

Sebastian can be a little annoying, like a stern older sibling who wants you to make good decisions instead of having reckless fun, but we soon learn that he can get down. Sebastian sings two amazing songs in the movie, one of which has to do with making out. He also fights the chef at Prince Eric’s house like a boss and totally escapes. We know Sebastian as the Jamaican crab who loves to dance but don’t forget that he is also a classically trained conductor who goes by the name Horatio Pelonius Ignatius Crustaceus Sebastian.

3. Dory

I get that Marlin must have been super frustrated with Dory while he was on his mission to find Nemo, but he needs to understand how much Dory helps him along the way. For starters, she is the only one of the two who can read, thus letting Marlin know that he needs to get to Sydney (42 Wallaby Way, to be exact). She later discovers that you can jump on the tops of jellyfish safely and that letting go of a whale’s tongue is a sure path to freedom. But most importantly, Dory makes Marlin realize that he is too uptight and controlling, changing his future relationship with Nemo for the better.

2. The Mice in "Cinderella"

The Mice in “Cinderella” do everything! I mean, Cinderella is totally deserving of it and she does make them adorable little shirts and shoes, but the mice run the show here. They get her up and dressed in the morning, they recycle items around the house and make a dress for Cinderella. Later, they turn into horses and are Cinderella’s transportation to the ball. THEN they steal the stepmother’s key right from her pocket and heave it up 100 flights of stairs to unlock Cinderella’s bedroom door, saving the day. Without the mice, the movie is essentially a tragic story about a girl without friends who never goes to a ball.

1. Timon and Pumbaa

T&P brought comedic life back to us that day long ago sitting in the movie theater after we witnessed Mufasa’s death (RIP). They taught us that eating bugs was nutritious and that you can be friends with anyone, even if they are supposed to be your enemy. They were a million times better than that uptight hornbill Zazu, and way better than Scar’s hyenas.

Hakuna Matata forever guys, Hakuna Matata.

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