What It’s Like To Be Furloughed During The Government Shutdown

Since everyone keeps talking about me like I’m not here

1. When I first heard about the possibility of a shutdown

2. When our office finally realized it was inevitable

3. When my boss told me I was non-essential personnel

4. When I watched the countdown clock and the news coverage about jobs like mine

So dramatic, CNN

5. When they made me turn in my badge and key…

6. …and told me I wasn’t allowed to work from home

Seriously, guys. You’re killing me.

7. Leaving the office right before the midnight deadline

8. How I started the first day of shutdown:

9. But then I remembered that none of my friends work for the government, and they all have work today

Mashable / Via mashable.com

10. When I hear people gleefully praise shutdown so people like me are temporarily out of work

I like Ron Swanson as much as the next 20-something, but c’mon.

11. …and remind me that “this wouldn’t happen if you worked in the private sector”

12. When people try to manipulate my situation for political purposes

13. When people act as though I’m suffering greatly, and it’s all because of Republicans/Democrats/President Obama/Other People They Hate

14. But all I’m really suffering from is boredom

15. This was particularly hurtful

16. Overall, the government shutdown? EXPECTATION:


18. Oh, and a little PSA to both parties:

A shutdown doesn’t magically happen. You can’t just blame “the other guy.”

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