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    Video Vibes: Bumpin Uglies

    Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the premiere of Bumpin Uglies' newest video, "Apathy."

    It's not the video that you might expect from the Bumpin Uglies; however, it might be just what we need to hear at this moment in time. Bumpin Uglies frontman, Brandon Hardesty, made the following comment about why he wrote "Apathy" :

    “'Apathy is a song that I've wanted to write for a long time. Climate change is real and our world is changing as a result. Being at the age where I'm trying to start a family, this terrifies me. What kind of a world am I going to be bringing children in to?”

    “Movies likes 'An Inconvenient Truth' and 'Before The Flood" do a great job of providing information, in addition to emphasizing the importance of the situation. I feel like there's a void of similar material in music. I've heard songs that sensationalize what's happening, but that feels cheap to me. I wanted to write something that both provided information and potentially moves people in a way where they contribute more to a solution.”

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