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    Mar 10, 2014

    19 Reasons Hook Is The Best Part Of "Once Upon A Time"

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of YUM.

    1. First off, he is just drop dead sexy.

    2. He knows how to accessorize.

    ABC / Via

    3. He knows how to lay on the charm.

    4. So suggestive.

    ABC / Via

    5. He knows how to make guyliner WERK.


    6. He has magnificent scruff.

    7. He was in on the leather trend before it started making a comeback.

    ABC / Via

    So fashion forward.

    8. He'll do anything for love.


    He will go to the ends of the earth to avenge you. So dreamy.

    9. He was dreamy even before he became a pirate.

    ABC / Via

    Lookin' good, Killian Jones.

    10. He has a sweet mode of transportation.

    ABC / Via

    He's sailing in between worlds and straight into my heart.

    11. He can always be found with some hair of the dog.


    He's always down to turn any situation into a party.

    12. His. Eyes.

    ABC / Via

    I just want to swim in those baby blues.

    13. He knows how to smolder.

    14. You'll always want him on your side in a fight.

    ABC / Via

    15. You just know he's an amazing kisser.

    16. He's a true leader.

    ABC / Via

    Your wish is my command, Hook.

    17. He's got that pirate swagger.

    ABC / Via

    He just knows how to saunter.

    18. Basically, he is perfection.

    19. UNF

    ABC / Via
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