The 12 Worst Struggles Of A Cold Stone Employee

The sizes are Like It, Love It and Gotta Have It. It’s not that hard.

1. Mixing ice cream can really take a toll on your forearms.

2. The singing. Oh dear god the singing.

3. Work always seems to follow you home.

I don't think I will ever get the smell of ice cream completely off my skin. #coldstoneprobs

— Nicolette Hoke (@NicoletteHoke)

“@CremeryProblems: Can never manage to leave work w/out chocolate or caramel on my arms... Or on any other part of me...#ColdStoneProbs”

— Hannah Cornish (@hancorn93)

I will permanently smell like a waffle cone by the end of the summer. #ColdstoneProbs

— Nicole™ (@love_ngs)

4. But seriously, it’s near impossible to escape the remnants of Cold Stone.

My reoccurring nightmare of my hands being covered in peanut butter gets increasing real everytime I work coldstone #ColdStoneProbs

— Abrianna Burton (@AbriannaBurton)

I'm so covered in icecream I bet if someone just smells me they'll get diabetes #coldstoneprobs

— Ashley Johnson (@ashhha)

Just found a clump or caramel in my beard…or is it fudge? #coldstoneprobs

— The Rural Juror (@RJOtheThird)

5. Customers can’t seem to grasp the sizes that are offered.

RT @Shanikaaa_: RT @CremeryProblems: do not tell me you want two scoops, like it, love it or gotta have it #ColdStoneProbs

— Maxie (@wizardMaxie)

Do you see a sign that says one, two, or three scoops??? NO we have three sizes RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! #ColdStoneProbs

— Ramy Armaly (@ArmalyRamy)

Jaz throwing me ice cream: Jaz- I gotta love it sig Me- okay...which one Jaz- I gots to have it Me-.... #coldstoneprobs @Thecoldstoner

— Caroline Louisa (@CarolineLGeisel)

6. Writing on cakes proves to be more of a problem than expected.

People get the weirdest stuff on their cakes. #coldstoneprobs

— Amber Hayes (@areigh8)

So me and Mary were asked to draw a scarf and Hebrew letters on a cake.. #ColdstoneProblems

— Kristin (@kristin13ucher)

But wait someone really asked for this LOL #coldstoneprobs

— Sam Cirlincione (@SamCirlincione)

7. Being around ice cream and candy all day is a huge struggle in itself.

Constantly consuming mix ins for myself #ColdStoneProbs

— ColdStone Problems! (@CremeryProblems)

You may think my job isn't hard, but I'd like to see you be around ice cream all day and not gain 20 lbs.. #coldstoneprobs

— Cold Stone Probs (@ColdStoneProbss)

Always want ice cream when im not at work #coldstoneprobs. Seriously though I want a milkshake more than I want sleep.

— Madison K (@mad13eve)

8. Waffle cones/bowls are really more trouble than they’re worth.

Customer asks for creation in cone. Get waffle cone and customer complains that it's too big #coldstoneproblems


I understand u want a waffle... ANY size can go INTO the waffle. #coldstoneproblems

— jacob (@Jacoburz)

Seriously regretting that trip to the gym this morning--cleaning the waffle irons at work was enough of a work out! #coldstoneproblems

— Maggie B. (@mbeebz1047)

9. You really learn just how stupid people in this world can be.

#coldstoneprobs #loveourjob RT @K_Gibbs_10: I swear I get paid at work to hear bad pick up lines, listen to music and do my homework.

— Kp (@quiteLadylike)

Having someone ask you if that's really the cream of an Oreo in Oreo cream, excuse me? #CSprobs #ColdStoneProbs

— Nonchalant Prick_ (@WallBlume_)

If you pronounce Watermelon Sorbet as Watermelon Sherbert, you should not be allowed to get it #coldstoneprobs

— Rebecca Humphrey (@Rebecca_h25)

Some man just asked me if I went to school to work at the stone. Yeah, I got a masters in icecream mixery... I hate people. #ColdstoneProbs

— Leah Jean (@leahjeanmatz)

10. The mix-in toppings seem to cause a lot of confusion, as well.

What? Your mad because you wanted more topics and we're charging you for it and that's what it has on the board? #coldstoneproblems

— Trishieeee. (@ThisIsTrishie)

today I asked a girl what she wanted mixed into her ice cream and her response was "it doesn't matter" #wtf #coldstoneproblems

— Brooklyn Cuzzola (@bcuzz143)

*runs outa gummy bears* "theres some in that jar in the front?" SURE YOU CAN EAT HARD 6 YEAR OLD GUMMY BEARS IF YOU WANT #coldstoneproblems

— ColdStone Problems! (@CremeryProblems)

11. You wouldn’t think cleaning an ice cream shop would be too bad. But you would be mistaken.

Dishes fer dayzzzz. #coldstoneproblems

— Vanessa (@VannessaaNaomi)

I shouldn't be cleaning pee off the seats in the girls bathroom. It should be a slam dunk every time. #coldstoneproblems

— Mason Banner (@mason_banner)

Yes that happened. #ColdStoneProblems

— Lindsey Budahn (@Ginger_Snapz96)

Found a condom at work today...winner #coldstoneproblems

— Courtney Bartlett (@glenncoco93)

People do the weirdest things in Cold Stone bathrooms. I once had to clean up vomit from literally ever surface of the men’s room one night. WHY.

12. Basically, working at Cold Stone is the worst.

My job is literally to fuel a new morbidly obese generation. #ColdStoneProblems #SorryImNotSorry

— Mike Hassan (@mikehassan18)

You will never understand hell until you've worked at coldstone. #coldstoneprobs

— Phillip Owner (@lolatJAG)

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