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    Newt Gingrich's Sharia Deportation Test!

    Newt Gingrich just declared that "Every person here who is of a Muslim background" will have to take a Sharia (i.e. Muslim legal code) test--those who believe in it will be deported and those who do not can stay. And since comments like his are not new, this got us thinking--how many of us will be deported? To figure it out, we've put together a quiz based on Islamic Sharia to see who will need to start packing their bags!

    1. Do you love Jesus?
    2. Do you believe in killing innocent people?
    3. Do you believe in giving to charity?
    4. Do you believe that all humans have the right to free will, human dignity, and prosperity?
    5. Do you believe in fasting (i.e abstaining from substances in order to connect with your higher self)
    6. Do you believe that meat should be made cruelty-free?
    7. Do you pray to a higher being?
    8. Do you believe that all are innocent until proven guilty?
    9. Do you support the mass accumulation of wealth?
    10. Do you believe that women should be able to vote, choose their own husband, and own land, among other rights?
    11. Do you think religion should be compulsory?

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