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The Myspace Movie

After the success of The Social Network, David Fincher is ready to make a prequel about the rise of Facebook's progenitor, Myspace.

Tanner Greenring 9 years ago

20 Awesome Mustang Paint Jobs

When you've got a car as cool as a Mustang, the only thing that could make it better is topping it off with an awesome coat of fresh paint. These car owners have found a way to make these awesome set of wheels truly their own. Can't get enough of these sweet paint jobs? Well, the all-stars of Car Warriors will blow your mind as they go head to head in the ultimate car customization competition. These pros will have only 72 hours to build a brand new car from an old junker. So tune in tonight when reputations, egos and old-fashioned bragging rights are at stake!

Possibly A Disney Knockoff

Either this is an unofficial knockoff, or Disney has finally learned the value of using 50 Cent lyrics as a marketing strategy.

Mr. BabyMan 9 years ago

Burlington Coat Factory Riot

A woman who won the lottery took a limo to a Burlington Coat Factory and told people in the store she'd pay for $500 worth of clothing for everyone there. Then it turned out to be a hoax, and people went absolutely apeshit before looting the store and leaving it in shambles. Watch the below video or read more here.

John Winskowicz 10 years ago

The Golden Age of Video

A collection of clips form some of the world's most well known movies and TV shows, mashed up into a surprisingly catchy song.

slay nourzaie 10 years ago

'The Office' Wedding Dance

Pam and Jim finally got married, to the dulcet tones of (inevitably) Chris Brown's 'Forever.' You know what? I dread weddings, I loathed the JK wedding video, and frankly: I loved this. Charmed to the core. I have two ovaries and a heart, what can I say.

Amanda Dobbins 10 years ago

Amazing Giant Puppets in 'The Berlin Reunion'

I'm completely obsessed with these images of a performance that took place in Berlin -- where a theater troupe used two huge marionette puppets to perform 'The Berlin Reunion' with an audience of 1.5 million onlookers.

Lindsey 10 years ago

Big Top Cupcake

Here is a way to make giant mix'n'match cupcakes in the comfort of your own home.

Amanda Dobbins 10 years ago

'Paper Planes' Cat & Dog Remix

Internet Bylaw 42c, Section III: When someone asks you to post an mp3 of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" with dogs barking instead of gunshots and cats screeching instead of the cash register, you do it.

Amanda Dobbins 10 years ago

Blind Baseball

Brought to you by Kottke, a really cool video of Beep Baseball -- where baseball is adapted for the blind and visually impaired using sonar beeps and "spotters".

Lindsey 10 years ago

4-Year Old "Rizzo" Does The 'Miracle' Speech

4-year old Josh Sacco aka "Rizzo" (named after the gold medal-winning team’s captain Mike Eruzione), does a spot-on impression of the inspirational locker room speech done by Kurt Russell in the movie 'Miracle' about he 1980 U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team’s upset of Russia.

Lindsey 10 years ago