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These Girls Discovered A Celebrity In Their Old Family Photo

They spotted their old friend and suddenly realised he was very famous indeed...

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When Laura and Nicola Dean met a lovely young chap on holiday a back in the 90's - they'd never thought that their holiday friend would turn out to be a Hollywood Star.

'We met him at Gleneagles Hotel in Ireland' said Nicola. 'We were at a wedding and he was in a line dancing competition. He must have been about 17! He told us he'd just missed out on a place at Boyzone'.

The Girls With 90's Colin (look at the hair)

Laura Dean / Via Faceb

Since posting the picture - the response of their friends of Facebook has been one of hilarity. Most of them amazed that the girls hadn't spotted it or realised who he was until now.

Laura Dean / Via F

'He was a lovely fella' says Nicola. 'We've seen the photo since and not realised - it was only when my fella clocked this weekend that we saw it'

So check your old photos never know who might be in them.

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