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This UK Show Featured A Same Sex Couple And People Are Here For It

The Greatest Dancer, currently being broadcast on BBC 1, featured married couple Santra and Piia on Saturday night.

Cansari22 9 months ago

This Is The Best Version Of The London Tube Map You'll Ever See

Everyone knows the Tube Map - it's iconic - but what happens when you train lines with popular culture franchises?

Cansari22 One year ago

Choose A Drink And We'll Recommend A Genre And Book

Does what you drink influence what you read? Pick a drink and we'll see if we can guess what book you'd like!

Cansari22 2 years ago

These Girls Discovered A Celebrity In Their Old Family Photo

They spotted their old friend and suddenly realised he was very famous indeed...

Cansari22 2 years ago

Forget John Lewis..THE Christmas Ad Of 2016 Just Dropped

Narrated by Stephen Fry and created by Aardman Animations, this beautiful film will tug at your heartstrings.

Cansari22 2 years ago

There's A New Viral Campaign Everyone Can Take Part In

People are sharing their anxieties and stresses on social media to open up the conversation on everyday fears with #TakeOffTheTape. The new campaign is for Mind to discuss everyday stresses to stop it building up to anything greater.

Cansari22 3 years ago
Cansari22 4 years ago
Cansari22 4 years ago

Here's An Animated Story Of A Hiroshima Survivor - And It's Beautiful

Bun Hashizume was 14 at the time when the bomb was dropped. Speaking to CBBC's Newsround - she recalls the day it happened

Cansari22 4 years ago

Ariana Grande School Pics And Videos Revealed

Want to know what the immaculate diva looked like in school?

Cansari22 4 years ago

10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Went AWOL

When you play the Game - you win or you die....or you just go missing and then turn up again 2 seasons later...

Cansari22 4 years ago

Here's What The "Charlie Bit My Finger" Kids Look Like Now

They were one of the biggest viral trends ever. This is what they look like eight years later.

Cansari22 4 years ago

8 Well Known 'British' Things That Aren't Actually All That British....

These would all be missing from our lives if UKIP had their way...

Cansari22 5 years ago

Cute One Year Old Baby Shows You How To Use YouTube

Love YouTube? Love babies? Want a baby to show you how to use YouTube? Then this is the video for you!

Cansari22 5 years ago