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Why The "Fake Geek Girl" Meme Needs To Die

The world of comics, gaming, sci-fi, and geekdom in general is under attack! Oh my god how dare you be a woman and enjoy geek stuff?!

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In reality, there is no such thing as the fake geek girl.

"There is no such thing as a fake geek girl. There are only girls who are at different, varying levels of falling in love with something the society generically considers to fall under the nerd culture category." - Youtube personality albinwonderland in her video "Fake Geek Girl" / Via

Tony Harris, a comic book writer who worked on Iron Man, Starman, and Ex Machina, posted this rant on his facebook.

tl;dr Women at conventions are imposters! And whores! I don't respect any women and assume their entire existence is for the pleasure of men! Boobies!


...and it's not like geekdom isn't mired in enough sexism as it is.

The Hawkeye Initiative is a project fans started to "draw attention to how deformed, hyper-sexualized, and unrealistically posed/dressed women are drawn in comics."

Comic by Litebox


People are allowed to like *some* elements of a culture. In fact, this happens all the time!

Getting mad at women for liking what is considered a 'superficial' part of nerd culture but ignoring the fact that men also enjoy 'superficial' parts of other cultures as well? Oops! Your sexism is showing, again.

Comic by Radrangy


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