Why Lesbians Love Ciara

There’s so much lesbian subtext in her videos it’s not even subtext anymore. Just beautiful, beautiful text.

1. Remember when Ciara got served in the middle of a performance? You know where she was?

2. At a concert in L.A. for PRIDE!! You know why? BECAUSE 99% OF ALL LESBIANS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD LOVE CIARA.

[Editor’s note: This is not actually true. I just made that up. What is wrong with you? You think you can just generalize about all lesbians??]

3. Let’s look at the evidence: Here lies her new video for “I’m Out.” Just Nicki Minaj and Ciara gyrating together. Yep.

4. Just lying on the floor together. Nothing suggestive to see here.

5. Just two beautiful ladies enjoying each other’s company.

6. I mean, what’s a pussy pat among friends?

7. And all of this is interspersed with this hard-femme look that Ciara always owns? Sure. Yeah. Why not?

8. OK yeah the entire “Body Party” video is kind of an ode to her beau…

9. But…um…she…yeah…

10. I’m just saying…if you told me this was one giant lesbian party, I would believe you.

11. And, of course, during the whole video she teases between a femme look…

12. …and a more butch look, like only Ciara can do.

13. Nine out of ten doctors agree: Butch Ciara and femme Ciara are equally good for your health.

18. Cool. Cool.

Basic Instinct promotional image / Via

22. You rock that flannel, girl.


23. Hello Kitty butch? Eh, why not?

24. And, of course, never forget the epicness that is the “Like a Boy” video.

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