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14 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured "The Friend Zone"

Tumblr be knowin'.

1. On the options we give women:

2. On the "enemy zone":

3. And the "end zone":

4. On the laughability of how presumptive "friend zone" is:

5. On the "fun zone":

6. On the "fuck zone":

7. On the pain behind "friend-zoning":

8. On the use of "friend zone" instead of "unrequited love":

9. On the friend zone as a litmus test:

10. On the joy of friendship:

11. On what the friend zone actually could be:

12. Seriously, can I get directions to the friend zone??

13. On the logic of the friend zone:

14. And this perfectly summarized lesson to send to everyone who still doesn't get it.

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